Episode 70 – How To Brand Yourself In Network Marketing? (3 Tips)

In today’s video, I give three specific tips for how to brand yourself in your network marketing opportunity.

As I explain in the video, you really have to brand yourself, rather than promoting your own company.

Enjoy the video.

In this video, I talk about a video I did recently on whether or not you need a professional photographer or videographer – you can check it out here.

Hope you get lots of value and also feel free to check it out on YouTube here as well.

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Video Transcription

3-tips-for-branding-in-network-marketing-image-post-23 tips for network marketing brandingHi guys, it’s Nick Pratt here, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode, I am going to talk about branding, and how to brand yourself in Network Marketing. This also applies to top tier, direct sales, affiliate marketing, or just any business in general.

I really want to give you three tips in this video for branding yourself in network marketing, direct sales, top tier or any business in terms of what you do.

Tip 1: Don’t Lead with the Opportunity

Now, I see lots of people who are in a business opportunity and they get very excited, so they plaster their logo all over everything, so you go to their Facebook timeline, and their logo is spread out across the cover, every single post the do is all about the products, and they’re not getting any likes at all.

All their friends don’t care. No one cares about the company. The mistake they are making is they are not looking at things through the eyes of their prospect or their target market. In fact, they may not even know what their target market is.

Because they are so excited about the company, they expect others to be excited about the company as well. It doesn’t work like that.

3 tips for network marketing branding

3-tips-for-branding-in-network-marketing-image-post-1Instead of leading with the opportunity, you need to lead with the brand of you.

For me, it’s Nick Pratt, it’s Nick Pratt TV, and it’s all about me as a home business owner and coach.

That’s how you have to brand yourself. If you look at my social media profile – in fact, I recommend adding me to Facebook which you can do by clicking here – you’ll see that I get tonnes and tonnes of engagement. In fact, I did a post a couple of days ago and I got 80 likes on it. It’s because I am not talking about my company, I am just talking about my life and my lifestyle and sharing photos.

Tip 2: Create Free Training Content

I got an email from someone, I think it was yesterday, and it was basically saying “Nick, how do you make money because you’re giving away stuff for free!” It’s quite funny, but the whole point is every business gives stuff away for free – you have to do that in this day and age. You have to show that you are willing to give, and you need to give to receive. You need to put value out there.

That’s why I have my free Ebook, and that’s why I have my free training series and all kinds of things.

Create free training content, like I am doing now.

Tip 3: Get Professional Photos and Video Done

I did do a post about getting video done recently, which you can check out here. I was talking about whether or not you need professional video or photos done.

The truth is, you don’t need it for everything, definitely not for every video. This isn’t a professional video, this is just done on my iPhone.

But you do need it for your brand pieces. For example, on your website you should have a few major videos. You need some good stuff done, even if it’s not your daily content.


To refresh, don’t lead with your opportunity, create free training content, and brand yourself as a professional with photos and videos.

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