Episode 10 – How To Achieve Success? Follow This Process!

In this episode, I show a fantastic personal development process to help you get better results in business and life.

Process For SuccessThis will help you and your team members achieve far better results in your business so make sure to share this around! I’d say this goes hand in glove with one of my recent videos “Your Business Is A Sprint And Not A Marathon” – check that out here as well.

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Video Transcription

In this episode I will discuss what I call the Belief, Action, Results Personal Development diagram, which isn’t its official name. It’s something I learned from Tony Robbins, and something that I think will give you a real mind-set shift for your business.

I’m going to explain how this works. It looks simple, but I want to explain the method behind this and how it can apply to your business. If you’re building a network marketing business, affiliate marketing business, whatever, and you’ve got team mates, you can show this to them to get them thinking the right way.

It seems obvious, but at the top you’ve got Belief. This is how you feel about yourself, in terms of thoughts about changing your life, building your business, getting results and quitting your job; things like that.

Belief is how you feel on a day to day basis for achieving success

Next we have Action. Action is obviously things that you do to actually move your business forward. It could be producing content, reaching out to people, emailing your list, all sorts of different things depending on what sort of business you’re in. It’s the things that move your business forward. The more action you take, the more results you get.

Process-For-Success-Image-Post-2Next we have Results. Results are obviously things like making sales, team duplication, essentially, it’s money in the back. Results make you feel good, when you’re making sales, signing people up into your business, it makes you feel good and gives you a life. This is why it can be problematic when you’ve got team members or even yourself and you’re just not getting any sales, and money isn’t getting into the bank. It does take it’s toll over time.

So you’ve got Belief, Action and Results, but the problem with this whole thing is that Belief is not an infinite resource because people start in the business and you’re all fired up and they have lots and lots of belief, absolutely lots of belief. Then what they do is they take lots of Action, in the first few weeks. And then, after all that, hopefully, some results form from that.

The problem with that is when you start a new business model, like network marketing, you’re not fantastic at the process yet – you’re not fantastic at all this stuff yet. It’s not going to give you fantastic results. Because it’s not going to give you fantastic results at the start, you’re not going to be getting a very high supply coming back into the cycle.

Then what happens is people quite. They do that because there isn’t enough Belif coming back into the cycle to gather enough momentum, and lots of pressure from loved ones who say “you’re not getting results.” Then your Belief goes right down. And then there’s not enough energy going back into the system.

This may sound tough, but if you think about the people around you in your network marketing company, it could be yourself. People quit a lot, and they quit quite early. They have Belief for a few months, or weeks, or days, but it runs out and they quit – I’ve even seen people quit on the same day they started!

There is a solution behind all this though.

You need a lot of Belief – so how do you get more Belief?

This is why you do things like personal development books, listen to audio books. You need that inspiration. Instead of having all that stuff about quitting – replace it with things that give you belief, and do that every single day.

If you do that, you’re feeding enough Belief, you’re feeding the action, which then feeds the results. It’s eventually going to turn into results.

It’s not going to be huge results right away, it just doesn’t work like that. The reason why is this because you’re not fantastic at this Action stuff in the beginning, you’ve got to practice and get better at it. And you have to give it time.

The bottom line is you need to constantly be feeding belief. When you’re not getting results after a period of time, that will take its toll on you and your team members.

You need to be feeding the cycle to have the momentum it needs.

If you don’t, then quitting will always keep coming into the foreground.

If you get this, it will change your whole perspective on your home business.

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