Episode 100 – What Is The Best Way To Generate Leads In Home Business?

In today’s video, I give advice on the best way to generate leads for your home business.

As I explain in the video, the worst thing you can do is buy leads.

Enjoy the video.

In this video, I mention a video I made where I go into more detail about content marketing, check it out here.

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Video Transcription

how to generate leads for your home businessWelcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode, I am going to talk about the very best way to find leads!

This is a question I got recently, and it’s a very good one.

What is the best way for getting leads for your home business, or really, any business?

This is a good one, because I have done everything out there: I’ve purchased leads, I’ve done paid advertising, I’ve obviously done a lot of content marketing, so I can really give you some good insight.

The number one thing I want to tell you not to do is don’t go out there and buy a lead package, like one thousand business opportunity leads. I did that, and it is a terrible idea. The reason you don’t want to do that is when you buy a list like that, it’s basically a bunch of random people who know nothing about you whatsoever, so it’s very, very cold marketing.

The other thing is they might have been interested in a business opportunity 15 years ago, so it’s just really not a good quality thing to do. Don’t do that.

What is the best way of generating leads then?

how to generate leads for your home businessIt will probably come as no surprise to you that I’ll say content marketing. The reason being, you attract people to you. What I love about my business at the moment is that every single day, I basically attract tons of people to me who are interested in what I’ve got.

Maybe they’re interested in training, maybe they’re interested in a new business opportunity, but the point is, I don’t have to go out there and get them – I attract them with my content. I have tons and tons of content, and lots of it is ranked on search engines, and it brings me that passive lead flow.

This is what I believe is the best way of getting leads for anything, because when people come to you, it just goes so much better in terms of sales and helping people.

Even advertising nowadays has kind of dropped quite a bit.

I have done paid advertising, but the point is when you’re advertising, you’re really trying to disrupt people. Even on their Facebook newsfeed, you’re trying to distract them with an eBook that you’ve got, or some kind of marketing message. It can work, but it requires some special skills, and to be honest, there will never be a better quality lead or prospect than someone who actually searches you out or you’ve attracted them.

If you’re wondering how to do this, I do have some training on this, go to nickpratt.tv/leads and that will redirect to a link with a video where I go into more detail about this whole process and formula. I will lay this out in a PowerPoint, so definitely check that out.

See you on the next episode!


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