Episode 102 – 5 Distractions To Get Rid Of

In today’s video, I talk about the 5 distractions to avoid to keep you on task.

As I explain in the video, these tips work for home business, or really, any kind of business.

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

5 things to avoid to be productiveHi guys, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV.

This is an interesting episode, because  I am going to talk about 5 specific distractions to get rid of so you’ll be more productive in your business.

This should be really helpful training. What’s great about this is that it will apply to literally every single business model or anything in life.

These are basically 5 specific distractions that stop people from getting anything done – doesn’t matter whether it’s business or a hobby. I want to go through these, and some of these are completely modern, 21st century distractions that really suck your time away.

First Distraction: Email

Obviously, email can be a huge distraction. In business it’s a distraction. We get more emails now than we ever did, and a lot of the times, just checking your email is a distraction. Even when you’re not stoping to read them.

Cutting out email is a great idea. Or just find some kind of way of getting it off your hands, like having an assistant manage it.

Maybe cutting down on emails from marketers that aren’t serving you, because you’re getting distracted and that kind of distraction takes you away from doing other things.

Second Distraction: Social Media

This is a tricky one, because I make a lot of sales with Social Media, I am on there quite a bit. I do have assistants that help me with my profile and who help answer messages when I am away. When I am on social media, there are some distractions.

The most important thing, I just make sure I am on it just for business. If I am on it for that, I am in there talking to people seeing how I can help them, and I am not going through my newsfeed looking at lots of video. This doesn’t serve you well.

5 things to avoid to be productiveThird Distraction: Phone Notifications

This is a bit of an interesting one, because you’ll get notifications like the weather and news. Personally speaking, I have notifications turned off. Even when you’re not getting calls, your phone still lights up and that’s no good.

You don’t want to be getting notifications for news or Skype or anything like that. Skype is a really distracting one to get rid of, as well as WhatsApp. It’s a good idea to get rid of that one, even though it’s convenient on a social level.

Fourth Distraction: Surfing The Net

This is an obvious one. You go and google something, and next thing you know you’re checking something else out and you’re watching videos on YouTube. Then you’re in entertainment mode. You want to avoid that. Just say to yourself, “If I am going to go online, it’s because I am working, not because I want to go on for entertainment.”

Fifth Distraction: Random Errands

This can be all sorts of things – this is a huge topic. this could be cleaning, doing the dishes, gardening, shopping. Just generally cleaning. You really want to outsource this. For a long time, I have had cleaners that come in who help. I also outsource things like the gardening. Thing like this, if you can outsource that, it’s a great idea.

Like I said, these tips won’t just help with home business or affiliate marketing. They will help with every aspect of your life. This is called Life Leverage.

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