Episode 107 – 3 “NeTime” Productivity Secrets To Get Stuff Done

In today’s video, I explain what Ne-Time Productivity is, and give you three tips to get started.

As I explain in the video, you should always be leveraging your downtime.

Enjoy the video.

If you are interested in learning how to make better use of your time, see this video I did on the Work-Life Balance last week.

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Video Transcription

Ne Time ProductivityHi guys, it’s Nick Pratt here, hope you’re well, welcome to another episode of Driving with Nick Pratt. In this episode, I am going to be talking about how to work Ne-Time. This is something I learned recently from looking at some blogs and books and things on how you can really leverage your time to maximize it and get some work done.

I want to talk about how to work Ne-Time. How to maximize what you get done so that in your down time you can continue to work.

I will explain where this comes from with a bit of an example.

For example, I am now on a long car journey, and I am making a training video for you. I do tons of these videos, not just training videos, I do lead generation videos, funnel videos. And it’s all really on my downtime when I am driving. It’s all very productive.

You want to have that time leveraged.

I want to give you some other examples of how you could do that in this video from what I have learned.

Ne Time ProductivityI think the key thing is whenever you’re waiting in any kind of queue, or you’re waiting for an appointment, or maybe you’re waiting to catch a plane, you want to always make sure there is stuff you can do.

One of the things I make sure I can do, instead of waiting for a flight and you see everyone sitting there looking bored, make sure to have something like a kindle or a book and allow yourself to read personal development. I definitely do that.

The other thing to do is use audio books, I recommend audible.com so that you’re always able to listen to something – there is no dead time.

Dead time is a complete waste, you should always find a way to be productive and make use of the time.

That’s one of the core things is that whenever you’re waiting for something, make sure you can get something done.

The other thing is obviously what I am doing now. If you want to produce content, which I highly recommend you do in your business, look for opportunities when you’re driving.

Or, it could be you just always have your iPhone camera around so you’re always ready to shoot episodes.

In terms of other things you can do, I would always recommend making sure that you’ve got all the latest file sharing programs, like dropbox, make sure everything is synced together so that if you are traveling around the world sand you are on vacation, you have got that ability to check in and leverage your time that way.

The other thing is outsourcing. That is the ultimate way to leverage your time, so that when you’re sleeping, you’re able to have someone working for you to do tasks for you so that you’re getting things done even when you’re sleeping.

Those are some quick things, and i hope you gained value from them. I have got some other ideas that I’ve really got to think about, but those are the top tips I can give you.

Always look for leverage points and automation.

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