Episode 11 – Is The Phone Needed For Home Business Success?

In this episode, I discuss if it’s necessary to use the phone to achieve success in Home Business, MLM or Network Marketing.

It’s a commonly held belief that you need to make “a lot” of phone calls to achieve great success in your home business.

Phone-For-Home-Business-Image-Post-1But is this true?

Well I explain my answer in the video. You can watch it on YouTube here or at the video at the top of this post. If you like it, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Like I mention in the video, it can be possible to have your own “phone team” make the calls (for you!) as shown here.

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Video Transcription

In this episode I’m going to talk about whether or not you need to use the phone for network marketing online or network marketing on the internet.

This is something I really wanted to tackle because I’ve had conversations with people and people have asked “is it necessary for them to get on the phone all the time to close sales and promote my business opportunity.”

First of all, it’s a commonly held belief within multi-level marketing that you need to use the phone to close sales, because people generally aren’t just going to click on a link and make a commitment to joining a business opportunity. They might do that to buy a product, even if conversion rates are lower, they may do that for buying product. For joining a business opportunity, it’s very unlikely and conversion rates will be very low.

Let’s tackle this head on. I want to explain how I see it.

I used to spend almost all day on the phone promoting my business opportunity. It was effective, but it was also very draining. I don’t do that nowadays, I still do have people who make phone calls for me. The reason being that, in my business opportunity, we have a phone team, which is a bit better, and I’ll explain more about that in a bit.

Phone-For-Home-Business-Image-Post-2If you’re in home business, yes, you do need to be at some point talking to people, whether it’s on Facebook, the phone, or holding a webinar where you’ve got live interaction.

So why is that necessary? It’s because you’re not just selling products, you’re getting people to commit to a home business opportunity, and it’s a big commitment, and people won’t tend to do that just by surfing around and clicking a random link. That’s why people promote links on Facebook groups, to spam their links. The conversion rates are ridiculously low, because people aren’t going to want to just join off Facebook. They need to get to know you.

Yes, you need some kind of communication, on Facebook, the phone, webinars, or a combination of the three.

So why don’t I spend all day on the phone when I used to?

The reason is I now have leverage. I’ve mentioned that within my business opportunity I already have a phone team who contacts our leads for us. Obviously, they get a commission, but what this does is it gives you great time freedom. If you think about it, if you ran a brick and mortar business, lets say it was a software business, as you grow and scale that business, you wouldn’t carry on doing all of your own phone sales, would you? That is a specific task you want to outsources.

It is very valuable if you can have your own phone team.

Obviously, this is quite rare, because if you’re building your own traditional network marketing business, they expect you to make all the phone calls yourself, and that’s why it can be very draining.

Let’s say you want an opportunity where your sales are handled for you. This isn’t a direct sales pitch, but you can check out www.nickpratt.tv/phoneteam to see how it work.

Myself and my team, we generate traffic and leads through the form of paid advertising, and some free advertising, and then the phone team works on our behalf to sell to those leads.

What that does is it gives you freedom. It means you can get as much traffic and advertising into the funnel as fast as possible, and the selling side is handled for you.

It’s a fantastic thing to do, it means you can automate your advertising, and you know the leads are being handled and someone is forming a connection with them and helping them move forward.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s something that suits myself and my team members. It can be an enjoyable way to build your business.

Bottom line is – you do need some personal communication in home business. Yes, we do have online options, but the perfect system blends online with offline contact.

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