Episode 111 – Do Free Facebook Marketing Methods Work?

In today’s video, I talk about whether free Facebook marketing techniques work.

As I explain in the video, yes they can work, but the methods aren’t ones that can be leveraged easily.

Enjoy the video.

If you want to learn more about marketing, see this video I did last week about how many marketing channels you should have.

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Video Transcription

Do free Facebook marketing methods actually work?Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Driving with Nick Pratt. In this episode, I am going to be talking about whether these free Facebook methods work, adding people, sending messages, going on to groups and posting about your opportunity – do they actually work? Are they worth doing?

The reason I am doing this episode is because I have had a few dream members recently, and they want to get started promoting right away but they haven’t got any advertising budget at the time. They just want to do free Facebook marketing methods like adding people from groups or messaging them. They’ve been asking me if it actually works. I do give some training on this, but this is scaleable and a good idea.

I want to give you my thoughts on this.

The truth is, these methods do work, but you do have to hit a hell of a lot of numbers to get sales.

All marketing is a numbers game, and it could be that on Facebook you’re messaging hundreds of people. You could only get 5 out 100 messaging you back, or better or worse. Out of those people that message you back, only a small percentage will actually join. In the mean time, you’ve got to chat to a lot of people, and you’ve got to spend a lot of time doing this.

The truth is, it can work, and I’ve even done it in the past when I have had to. What you don’t have is leverage, which is a problem.

Do free Facebook marketing methods actually work?Do free Facebook marketing methods actually work?You’ll either get burnt out by it, or you won’t get fast enough results to keep your business moving. The truth is, if you have to do those kinds of things, that’s fine, go and do it, but the point is you do want to get to the point in your business where you are mastering lead generation. And then you will have some more leverage in your business.

That will give you more freedom, it will allow you to get better results over time.

I would say these tactics do work, but you have to be aware of the big picture.

If you do want help with learning how to market properly, so you’re not getting a flash in the pan of only two sales per week, and you want a proper system where you generate proper leads on a regular basis, check out this video (LINK: www.nickpratt.tv/leads) and this will give you information on how you can have automated lead generation and how to master those skills.

Check that out, it’s very important.

That is the long game – get your lead generation sorted, and it’s important to get good at it now.

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