Episode 118 – Mindset Training: Use Positive Language To Achieve Success

In today’s video, I talk about changing your language to improve your chances for success.

As I explain in the video, any time you “try something out,” you set yourself up for failure.

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

How to use positive language to achieve successHow to use positive language to achieve successHi guys, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. This is going to be a quick episode, but I want to talk about the language people use, or maybe what you use, really matters with how successful you are with your business, and just how important it is. It’s come to me based on all the conversations I’ve had over the last few months with getting started. I think this will be valuable for you.

Let’s talk about the language you use. People around you, maybe you, talk in specific ways, and just how this impact your success with anything in life. It doesn’t matter if its home business or something like that, but if you’re trying to do anything in life, this stuff matters.

I talk to a lot of people who are interested in working with me and getting on board with my system (maybe you are as well, I’ll give you more info on that at the end), but the kind of language people use really matters.

I want to give some examples. Some people come to me and they say the following things: “I’m going to try this out and see what happens,” and the other thing people say is “I hope this works for me.”

The thing is, if you listen to it, “I’ll try this out,” if you look at people who succeed at things, most of the time people do not succeed when they just trying something out.

How to use positive language to achieve successOlympic athletes didn’t succeed from “trying something out,” and from the start it sounds very subtle, but trying it out is not the way to succeed with something.

The kind of language I use, and people who are successful use, they say things like this: “I’ll make this work,” or “I will commit to making this happen,” or “I will succeed no matter what.”

What you’re doing is you’re putting your stake in the ground and saying I am going to succeed with this, I am not going to just try this out.

The problem with the phrase “try it out” implies that you’re just going to commit to something for two weeks or so. Running a business requires a much longer commitment than that.

If I am taking on a project, I don’t say I am going to try it out. I say I am absolutely committed to making it work. That is the way to get stuff done.

Change the language that you’re using, if you’re starting something new thing about what’s going on in your head. Are you in the mindset where you’re going to be prepared to do this for six months or a year, or are you just going to “try it out” for two weeks.

When I meet people, I can kind of tell the ones who are really committed and the ones who will really make it happen. You’ve got to get this right.

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