Episode 119 – What Are Digital Product Business Opportunities And Are They Legit?

In today’s video, I talk about Digital Product MLM opportunities – are they legit?

As I explain in the video, people these days buy all sorts of intangible products!

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

Are digital product MLMs legitHi guys, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode I am going to talk about digital product business opportunities, what they are and why they are legit. I am part of one.

What exactly are digital product business opportunities?

I would define this as an opportunity where the product is essentially intangible, and it’s some form of online information product or something like that.

You may thing to yourself “what exactly does that mean? What is a digital product?”

As a good example, think of something like Kindle, or buying eBooks. It’s buying information, and it’s the info marketing industry.

It’s obvious huge nowadays.

I will give in example – in my business opportunity, lots of people ask what the product is, or if it’s a proper product. And I tell people in a quite straightforward way, yeah, the product is a digital marketing product, training on things like traffic generation, social media, direct mail and email marketing.

But some people still ask “is that legit because it’s not a tangible product like jewelry or some kind of nutritional product like other businesses?”

Are digital product MLMs legitThe truth is, it absolutely is legit, because to buy a product nowadays in the online age, it doesn’t have to be something that you receive by mail, and it absolutely is legit, because in these days we don’t just buy things that are a physical product.

We buy online music downloads, we by online subscriptions to membership websites, like I mentioned before, we buy online eBooks.

The point it, online digital products are absolutely legit, and not only that, it’s also a very smart thing to market.

The reason it’s a smart thing to market is the fulfillment costs are basically zero, and because they are basically zero, this means that the profit margins are much higher.

And higher profit margins obviously puts more money in your pocket. So it’s a great idea to have a digital products business opportunity.

Now, I am not going to turn this into a sales pitch for my business opportunity, but if you’re interested, check it out here and you can see the current digital products marketing opportunity I am a part of and that I am getting great results with to see if it’s a fit for you.

The point it, it absolutely is legit. A business opportunity is legit if there is a proper business being sold, and digital product do fall into that category.

Hopefully this has settled all that for you. Definitely go to NickPratt.TV/System if you want a business opportunity that works and will give you a great profit margin and also a lot of automation as well.

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