Episode 12 – What Is The Best Way To Convert Home Business Leads?

Converting Home Business LeadsToday, I explain the best ways to convert the home business leads that you have. You need to learn this if you intend to sponsor people into your opportunity.

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Video Transcription

In this episode I’m going to talk about the best way to convert your home business leads to your opportunity.

This is obviously a very important area, because in business the whole point of it is to make money, and sales is one of the most important things that you do, and converting people to your business opportunity. There is nothing more important really, that’s what puts money in your pocket, which allows you to pay the bills.

Yet, it’s the number one thing people struggle with. People struggle with the art of selling, and it’s made worse by people’s fear of selling.

People view the sales person as a used car salesman – sort of slimy, forcing people to do something they don’t want to do. Instead of talking about that stereotype, I want to emphasise that when you’re selling in home business, it shouldn’t always be about problem solving. It shouldn’t be about getting people to do something they don’t want to do. It should be a case of finding some kind of message from someone that they are struggling and in need of assistance, which you can provide in your opportunity and offering that solution.

You are a solutions provider.

That’s why with marketing it’s important to establish yourself as an authority, because people will only listen to your solution if they think that you’re an authority.

I am going to give you some tips on how you can do that.

A few different ways of selling is online through email, you can sell by getting people to add you to Facebook and chatting with them to build a rapport. You can sell by doing both of those things, and then getting people on a phone appointment. Or you can sell using something like a webinar, where you’ve got lots of different people at the same time who are listening to your message. By doing the webinar you’re giving people the opportunity to go a bit deeper, the join your opportunity or buy your products, to use your service or whatever it is.

So what is the best out of all of them? To be honest a lot of people would say the phone, but I would say nowadays is that webinars give you a lot more leverage than the phone does. Webinars allow you to talk to many people at once.

Imagine if you were holding a free workshop in your local city. You’d be talking to lots of people, and you’d be getting a pretty good conversion rate because it’s a live event, people out a lot more importance on events that are live rather than a static event, which is an online letter or sales video.

It gives you a lot more leverage. It’s the equivalent of having lots of people in a stadium or in a large room, and you’re able to transmit your message to them in one setting. With the phone, while it’s still a good idea to talk to people on the phone, but you can’t reach as many people at one time like you can with a webinar.

converting home business leadsWhat I recommend is that you do both, but that you do learn how to do webinars. I’ve gone through specific training on giving webinars in the past, I’ve gone through a coaching program, and what I do is I’ll give a link to some webinar training that you can look at, it’s not an incredibly expensive program like the one I went through, but it’s a product from the same creator. If you want to see that, go to www.nickpratt.tv/webinar

It’s not a live coaching program, but it is a product you can buy that gives you information on presenting your business opportunity to people in a webinar.

Be sure to use email, add people to Facebook, chat on the phone, but I do think that webinars are one of the most leveraged selling activities out there, and I’m not the only one.

Most top earners in their businesses use webinars because of this. It allows you to talk to a lot of people at once, and really convert your leads, and make a lot of money!

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