Episode 13 – The Power Of Doing A 90 Day Challenge For Your Home Business

Today, I talk about the amazing benefit of incorporating a 90 day challenge into your home business. This is essentially a “burst” routine of 90 days where you really focus on pushing through to get results with your business.

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90-day-Business-Challenge-Image-Post-2You may wonder “what” specifically you should do to build your business (and what would take place in the 90 days). Well check out my video post here where I explain the core money making activities for your home business.

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Video Transcription

I am in the countryside visiting my parents again, fantastic country side out here by the way. In this episode I am going to talk about the importance of doing a 90-Day blast on your home business.

You can get a massive amount of value from something like a 90-Day Blast for your home business.

I’m going to really talk about this, and it’s sort of similar to a workout program. I actually started doing the Insanity Workout Program, it was only about 3 weeks ago, and already it’s had a massive difference to my fitness and my health, and will power. Now really, what’s that got to do with your home business?

Well, the thing is, when you do something like a work out program, it’s typically something like a consistent blast. For example, the Insanity Program is a 60-Day program, and if you can apply the same kind of thing to your home business, then it can be massively valuable.

90-day-Business-Challenge-Image-Post-1For example, you may have noticed that a lot of top earners in the industry at some point did a 90-Day blast to really build their business up. I myself did this as well, about a year and a half ago. I did 3 months of 3 videos per day, and sometimes only one or two per day, but I did that a year and a half ago, and after the three months were done, my business looked completely different, because there were so many videos out there getting me leads, it was like 60 videos per month, something ridiculous like that. And that was all because I decided to do it for a specific period of time.

Think about how you could do a 90-Day blast on your business. What could you do in the next three months every day?

It could be producing a piece of content, a blog post every single day, maybe Monday through Friday and give yourself the weekend off. It could be reaching out to a specific number of people each day. Or it could be placing ads each day and doing split testing if you’re doing paid advertising.

The point is, think to yourself how different your business could be in 90 days if you just commit to a 90-Day blast, and think to yourself that 90 days could turn your business around.
It doesn’t have to be three years. I think a lot of times, people think they’ve got to be working on something for three years and then this will take off. But if you compress the time frame down into 90 days, it can make a world of difference, and I’ve looked at the 90-day blasts I have done in the past, and they’ve really shaped the future of my business.

What I want to leave you with is to think of doing a 90-day blast, or it could be longer than that, it could be 120 days, or longer, or even shorter at 60 days. The point is, longer than a week or two, because a couple weeks won’t get you anything. You really need a decent period of time, and you need to show up every day when you do that.

Consider doing something every single day, or at the very least, Monday through Friday, to build your business for a specific period of time. Say to yourself that you can do that challenge and I am sure you’ll get a lot of value from it.

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