Episode 14 – Why It’s Important To Attend Home Business Events?

Attending-Home-Business-Events-Image-Post-1In the latest episode of Nick Pratt TV, I explain why it’s very important to attend home business events if you want to achieve success.

I’ve just returned from the “Live The Dream” event (held by My Lead System Pro) in Austin, Texas so this is very relevant.

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Video Transcription

In this episode, again from the countryside, I’m going to talk about the power of home business events and why you absolutely need to attend them.

I’m shooting this video because I have recently attended a home business event in the United States, “Live The Dream,” hosted by MLSP (My Lead System Pro).

This episode is really quite relevant. I want to give you 3 core reasons why you need to attend home business events. This is framed by attending Live The Dream and just how fantastic it was.

Attending-Home-Business-Events-Image-Post-2Reason 1: Accountability Partner

I will explain a little bit about this. I’ve attended numerous events in the past, and I’ve managed to gain an accountability partner, or sometimes known as a running buddy. This is someone that you are in the same industry with, and someone you can share notes with an check up on a regular basis to keep each other motivated, and to keep each other accountable for the goals that you’ve set.

Now this is happened with a lot of events in the past, and there’s a lot of people that you meet at Live The Dream, and I’m sure we will be life long friends, I’m sure we will chat a lot and really keep each other motivated. We’ll mastermind or talk about our goals and keep each other accountable for the goals that we’ve set. We will see each other at other events and things like that.

Reason 2: Seeing That The People Are Real

This may sound a bit weird, but essentially you see a lot of people with fantastic results in the home business industry, it’s really important to see that they are actually real human beings. Because when you meet up with them and shake their hands and chat with them properly, it increases tour belief level. It shows you that they’re just ordinary people, it gives you that motivation, and it makes your business sociable.

The point is, if you’re in a job, you would be meeting people each and every day. You wouldn’t just be behind the computer on your own. It makes sure that your business is sociable, which is very important.

Reason 3: Training

First of all, there’s the training that you get from seeing speakers on stage, trying to deliver and trying to share some of the fantastic tactics that they used to build their business. But there is also meeting people and chatting with other people getting results, you can really glean some fantastic tactics. Me chatting to other people, I was able to show what I am doing, I was able to chat to other people over a relaxing drink about what they’re doing, and really kind of gain insight from someone else, which is absolutely vital.

Those are the three main reasons, and what I would say is make an effort to turn up to events.

The point is, a lot of people won’t. A lot of people will come up with an excuse such as the airfare, paying for a hotel. I travelled over 3,500 miles to attend Live The Dream, so there are no excuses. I’ve always done that with events, I’ve always made that effort, and if you want to be part of those who succeed in home business, make an effort to turn up to events.

Also, I want to say a big thank you to some of the amazing people I met at Live The Dream, but there are way too many to mention.

Finally, not just attending events, but I’m actually speaking at an event for my opportunity next week in London. We’re holding a training event that’s just for people in our opportunity where some of the top earners are going to go on stage and deliver some of their tips.

Not just attending events, but actually being able to speak at them is a really rewarding thing. I’m definitely looking forward to that next week.

The bottom line is, make an effort to turn up to home business events. Don’t have any excuses. You’ll really see fantastic results in your home business from doing that.

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