Episode 15 – How To Do Facebook Prospecting Effectively In Home Business?

Today, I talk about Facebook Prospecting and how to do it effectively to build your home business.

Facebook Prospecting is basically connecting with your leads on Facebook, building rapport and hopefully selling them your product/service or business opportunity.

Generating-Facebook-Leads-Image-Post-2It is a fantastic way to convert your home business leads because you are building a relationship with your prospect.

There is a real art to it though.

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Video Transcription

In this episode, I’m going to talk about the power of using Facebook Marketing, and reaching out to people on Facebook to sign them into your opportunity or sell them your product. I’m going to talk about the power of that.

Whether you’re doing networking marketing, affiliate marketing, whatever, Facebook is a powerful tool you can use.

Facebook prospecting is, if you really want to sign people up into your opportunity, you should know by now, if you don’t already, the best way of doing that is talking to people using a one-on-one basis. Traditionally, this was done using the phone which is also powerful to do. The only problem is that with the phone, the way trends have gone recently in the past few years, people answer the phone a lot less, because the way people behave changed. It’s all well and good directly calling people with numbers you’ve directly captured, but a lot of times you’ll be leaving voicemails.

What you’ve got to ask yourself is where are people spending their time? I think we all know that it’s on Facebook. I’ve just come back from the United States, I was in Austin Texas for an event, and as soon as the plane lands, people are getting their phones out and checking Facebook and looking at their newsfeed. And that’s absolutely where people are.

Generating-Facebook-Leads-Image-Post-1If you can get people to add you as a friend on Facebook, or somehow connect with them, and talk to them about what they’re looking for, and build a rapport with them, there is a much higher chance that they will be interested in what you’re selling. Now, they obviously need to be a lead, they can’t just be anyone, they need to be someone who is looking for a business opportunity or your product, but the point is if you have a way of getting them on to Facebook, some kind of way of them adding you on Facebook, then you’ve got a much higher chance of making a sale with them rather than just sending a bunch of random people to a sales page. Your conversion is going to be a lot lower like that.

What I do is I have a lot of people adding me to Facebook every single day as part of my marketing that brings people to my Facebook profile. What I do is I don’t really pitch stuff, I just ask them what they are looking for, and I just chat with them. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve got a business opportunity or whether they need help with lead generation or lead conversion, I talk to them about what they are looking for.

On that point, how do you get people to add you on Facebook?

First of all, here is what you shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t go to a bunch of network marketing groups and spam your link out there, asking people to send you a private message. That stuff does not work because you’re pushing people away. You’re pushing a message out there, and it doesn’t work. It’s not attraction marketing.

What you need to do is you need to have a way of first of all getting the leads – you absolutely need leads for your business – and then you have to give them a call to action to add you to Facebook. That way, you’ve attracted people in and you’re connecting with them on Facebook and you’re helping them.

If you need help with the lead generation part, I can’t explain every lead generation strategy in this video, but you know there are lots of different things. You can blog, you can do YouTube, paid advertising, there are lots of different tactics.

If you want help with that, go to NickPratt.tv/leads, you can get some training on different marketing strategies, and that will also give you training on what you should say to people when they add you to Facebook.

When people add you to Facebook, what should you say? What kind of script do you use? What should your approach be so you’re not pushing them away like a lot of people?

That’s really the process. You need a marketing strategy to get leads to come to you. You need to get them onto Facebook, or something like email, and you need to use that private chat function to chat with people to see what they are looking for.

This is like the phone, but it’s the more modern version because it’s hard to get them on the phone.

What you need to do is go to NickPratt.Tv/Leads to get some training, have a look at that because it will give you all the marketing strategies you need, including getting people to reach out to you on Facebook.

Also, we’ve just been talking about Facebook, so feel free to add me on Facebook to talk about all this stuff. I won’t be pitching you anything, just giving you some helpful advice on what to do.

Facebook is really powerful, people have it on their smart phones, they are constantly going through their newsfeed, they’re hooked on it. It’s absolutely something you need to be doing if you want to be successful.



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