Episode 16 – Why Building Relationships In Network Marketing Is Needed?

In the latest episode, I talk about the power of building relationships in network marketing and why it’s absolutely essential for you to achieve success.

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building relationshipsOne of the tactics I mention is Facebook. I recently did a video post about Facebook marketing which you can also watch here.

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Video Transcription

I’ve been giving training in London at a big company event for the last three days, I’m back in the office, and welcome to the latest episode. In this episode I want to talk about the importance of building relationships in network marketing, affiliate marketing, home business, top tier, multi-level marketing, whatever you’re involved in. I want to talk about the power of building relationships and why you absolutely have to do it.

I’ve been training for the past three days, and it’s absolutely a fantastic event. Myself and the other leaders in the company gave a lot of training, and one thing that kept coming up through my training was the power of building relationships, whether you’re building an affiliate marketing program, multi-level marketing program, network marketing program, whatever it is in business, it’s the power of building relationships. That’s what I want you to get value from in this video. I’m going to explain why it’s so important to build relationships.

When I was giving training on stage, I was talking about using things like webinars, Facebook chat and even email to constantly be building strong relationships with your leads and prospects.

Building-Relationships-Image-Post-1One of the things about this is that I’ve build a relationship with various people, and some of those people have decided they want to join my team after a day or two of me meeting them, and some of them have come back weeks or even a year later. The point is, when you build relationships, the key thing is that you’re not asking for the sale today or tomorrow. You’re connecting with them for selfless reasons, not selfish reasons. It’s not to serve yourself straight away. It’s to connect with them and see how you can best serve them.

When you do this, people just can’t believe it because they are used to people who just want to get their money straight away. I’m not that kind of leader. What I do is I connect with people, I ask them about themselves, I ask them what they want to achieve, and then I’ll give the necessary solution. If they love the company I’m not disrespectful, I say that’s fantastic, it would be good to just network, or that I am happy to provide advice or mastermind with you.

I’m not self-serving, and I’m not just trying to get someone’s money, because a lot of people do that, there as you’ll notice with the leaders, they build relationships.

What I recommend that you do with the leads that you have is instead of thinking to yourself you’re going to pigeon hole them down one channel and just sign them up, why don’t you think about asking them how you can best help them, or what they’re really looking for?

Until you know that, you won’t know what you can offer. It’s actually very arrogant to offer a product, service or opportunity if you haven’t assessed that there is a need for it.

Try and think about that, and that people hate being sold to. People love to buy, but they hate being sold to. If you just try and pigeon hole people into your opportunity when there isn’t any need and there isn’t a problem to be solved, then it’s going against the flow of the river, and you’re going to struggle.

So, if you need more advice on this, feel free to add me to Facebook, there is a link on the right-hand side bar. I’d be happy to give more advice on how to build good relationships with your prospects.

That was the theme of the weekend, rather than trying to get people’s money, helping them.

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