Episode 17 – Use This Powerful Secret To Making Money

A lot of people struggle with making money and I explain why in this video. I also explain the “secret” to making money so have a watch and I’m sure this will help you.

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money making tipsOnce your “money mindset” is sorted, you need a long term game-plan for your business. My video here should help with that.

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Video Transcription

In this episode I’m going to talk about one specific factor you need to understand so you can make more money. I think this is really going to help you, and moving forward in life, help you understand what it takes to make money.

This is quite an interesting video, because I am talking about what it actually takes to make money. I’m financially free, I haven’t working in a job for over 5 years, and my business is doing fantastic. I want to really share with you what I’ve learned about making money, so you can apply this. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a small business, network marketing, MLM, top tier, affiliate marketing, whatever it is. This can really help you.

What I learned when I was reading a book called Think and Grow Rich, obviously a very popular book by Napoleon Hill, I know there are similar books like The Science of Getting Rich, is that money flows to those who provide value.

powerful-secret-to-making-money-image-post-2What I see every single day is there are a lot of people who want to make money, and they want to make money online or through network marketing or home business, but the problem is they don’t provide any value at all to the market place.

An example of this is a lot of times people will come to me and say that they want to make more money, and the first thing I say is “What are you selling?” or “What have you got to offer?”

That’s quite a powerful question, isn’t it? The point is, if you haven’t got any value for yourself, whether it’s a product, service or business opportunity, how is money going to magically arrive in your bank account? Why would anyone pull out a credit card and just give you money? It just won’t happen.

You’ve got to be putting value into the market place. This could be having a business opportunity, like I’ve got, I’ve got a top tier business opportunity which pays me high ticket commissions, or this could be having you own product.

Now, I’ve had my own products that provide value, and they bring me money. I’ve got training programs that bring me money. But, you’re never going to make a dime unless you’ve got something to sell, or you’ve got some kind of value.

That’s the number one thing you’ve got to understand. If you want to make money in any kind of business, you absolutely have to have something to offer. It’s very, very important.

A lot of people just don’t understand that. So, if you’re thinking about why you’re not making any money, the question I have to ask you is “what are you providing to the market place?”

Are you providing a business opportunity? Are you providing your own products? The question is, if people aren’t joining your business opportunity or they’re not buying your products, or maybe you don’t have one, you haven’t put sufficient value into the market place. You haven’t given yourself enough exposure to get that back.

Now, obviously, if you’ve got a business opportunity, you’ve got to know how to market. If you want to get better at lead generation, reach out to me on Facebook. The point is you have to have something offer, you have to have an opportunity or a product.

A business opportunity is a fantastic way of making money, I’ve got a top tier business opportunity, I get huge commissions paid into my bank account because I am leveraging a system.

The number one thing is you need a vehicle, you need a system, you need something that you can put out there to the market place.

This is very, very important. Money flows to those who have value, and if you haven’t got any value out there, that could be why you’re not making any money whatsoever, or, you’re not marketing that value very well. Either way, I can absolutely help you.

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