Episode 18 – How To Get More Network Marketing Leads?

In today’s episode, I give some tips to help you get more network marketing leads. In the video, I explain the number 1 thing that can impact your lead generation for network marketing.

How-To-Generate-Leads-Image-Post-1It’s far simpler than you think.

Enjoy the video. As well as generating the leads, it’s also important to convert them (obviously!). Well, for that, check out my episode recently where I explained the best way to convert your leads. See here for that.

Check out my video above or feel free to watch directly on YouTube here.

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Video Transcription

In this episode, I’m going to be talking about how to get more network marketing leads. This will also help if you’re in MLM, direct marketing, top tier or direct sales.

The reason I made this video is because I talk to a lot of people online and they ask me on coaching calls “how am I going to get more leads?”

How-To-Generate-Leads-Image-Post-2The number one thing I look at is what is the free giveaway? In case you don’t know what I am talking about, normally when you go to a website you see some kind of bribe to essentially get an email address or a first name, email address and phone number, or full name, email address and phone number. The point is, it’s a giveaway, a bribe, to the person visiting the website to opt in for more information and to receive something in return. This could be a free eBook, audio or a free video or webinar, anything really.

If you want an example of it, one of my giveaways (I have quite a few), can be found at meetnickpratt.com. That’s the direct landing page, however I normally position that on my website. One of my websites is WebTrafficLounge.com and I position the eBook a lot through out as a free giveaway, and that generates me a lot of leads. That eBook has been downloaded thousands of time, and it’s downloaded by dozens of people per day. It generates me a lot of leads.

Think to yourself “What is my giveaway?” To help you decide this I want you to imagine this situation.

Imagine that you’re at a bar, and you’re ideal prospect walks in, sits down and has a drink with you. Now if you were talking to them and they were struggling something, imagine what they are struggling with and what their main core problem is, and figure out what is the most irresistible offer that you could give to that person that could really help them get results and see success. Really think about that.

Now, the reason I came up with my lead generation blue print, How To Generate 25-50 Leads Per Day to Become a Top Earner in Any Opportunity, I came up with that because of conversations I’ve had with people in the past with coaching calls, and lead generation is a huge problem for people. It’s not the only problem, but it’s one of the ones people think of. They think that lead generation is a problem, and it is a problem, but lead conversion is also a problem. So, I start with lead generation and later down the line help with lead conversion.

What I want you to do is think whether you have an irresistible giveaway? If not, you need to think about getting one. You need to think about who you want to attract and what their core problems are, and how you’re going to solve their problems with a free giveaway. Whether it’s a video, eBook, audio, you may think those things are difficult to create, but you can easily create a 15 minute video teaching something, and then give that a fancy title and give it away. It’s very doable.

If you need any more tips on this, feel free to add me to Facebook. Look on the right hand side bar, there’s a button to add me to Facebook. Let’s have a chat about what your free giveaway is, or if you need any other advice.

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