Episode 20 – Internet Marketing Tips For Beginners

Ok, so a lot of people struggle with internet marketing because they find it technical. And specifically home business owners really struggle with it.

In this latest video, I share how it’s actually very simple and not necessarily technical.

Enjoy the video.

Internet-Marketing-Tips-For-Beginners-Image-Post-2If you liked this and want more specifics, see my post here where I talk about different traffic sources.

Hope you like the video today and feel free to watch on YouTube as well.

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Video Transcription

In this episode, I’m going to talk about internet marketing tips for beginners, so if you’re getting started online, or even if you have been for a while and need some refreshers, some tips for getting into internet marketing, whether you’re building a home business, network marketing, MLM, affiliate marketing, these will be awesome tips.

This is about giving the best tips. I’ve noticed with a lot of people who struggle when they get started online, maybe they want to build a network marketing business on the internet, they want to get leads and convert those leads, or something like affiliate marketing, it’s all pretty much the same really, to be honest.

What I notice is a lot of people get online and they automatically think that just because they can get their link out there, and get it out to as many people as possible, and that it’s just a numbers game – If enough people see that link, some people are going to join.

What I have to tell you is, that just doesn’t work whatsoever. If you take that approach, thousands of people could view your link without any of them joining because it’s similar to the offline world. If you were in a network meeting you wouldn’t just go up to as many people as possible trying to jam your business card down their throat. It just doesn’t work and it’s the same for online.

Internet-Marketing-Tips-For-Beginners-Image-Post-1Some tips I want to give you is that if you’re getting started online, you need to look at it as another channel to build relationships. In the offline world, if you were going to a network meeting and you were trying to sell people your products or services, maybe even introduce your business opportunity later on, you would focus on building relationships.

What you want to do online is create value through the form of content, like I am doing now, that will help you build relationships with whom you want to attract. Number one tip is to think of who you want to attract with your business, products and services and opportunity.

The second point is to think of the kind of content you could create that would attract them. For example, videos like this, they rank in Google and YouTube, and it attracts people, it’s called Attraction Marketing.

The way I see online is it’s simply a case of casting a wider net, you’re reaching people all over the world. I have people joining my team every week in lots of different countries, like Australia, United States, Canada, I’ve got people in Brazil and all around Europe. It’s casting a wider net, but it’s still just one channel for building relationships.

You’ll notice that when I am marketing online, I’m not going out on social media blasting my sales letter or links to my opportunity, that comes way down the line once I have built a relationship. It’s very disrespectful to go out on social media and just pitch your sales video and things like that.

What I want you to take away from this is you need to go out there, you need to create how-to information and value so that people pay attention to you, because people want that information. They need help with whatever they are doing. You create that value and then you start building the relationship. You build that relationship through that value, and eventually, if it’s a good fit, you can then introduce your product, service or opportunity.

Don’t just go out there and get as many eyeballs as possible, it doesn’t work.

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