Episode 22 – Why Did I Get Given A Free Car?

A lot of people ask me exactly how and why I was given a “Free Car” (BMW Z4) by the Mobe business opportunity.

Well, in today’s episode, I explain exactly “How” and “Why”.

Free Car ProgramAnd I think you will agree that it’s quite cool!

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

In this episode I’m going to explain why and how in my affiliate marketing and network marketing program has paid for this car I am in now, the BMW Z4 Sports Car, how it’s been possible and how it works.

A lot of people have asked me about the program I promote how it’s actually possible that it’s paid for this BMW Z4, this sports car. It’s probably something like over $100,000 to buy this car, and how is it actually possible that they would go and buy the car for me? There must be some kind of catch to that.

That’s a really good question. I am going to explain why they do that for the affiliate partners. Obviously, it’s a helluva lot of money to spend on anyone.

free car programFirst of all, I’ll explain how I got the car, and then I’ll explain why the program does this.

I got the car as a result of me promoting the Mobe products, services and live events. One of those events is MTTB, a 21-step program, but there are lots of other front end programs that I have promoted, as well as the events. Because of this, the incentive program is if you do this, and you make a certain amount of sales each month, the car is paid for as monthly lease. Think of it as a company car program. However, it is possible to purchase it or lease it, the choice is up to you.

The point is, as long as I reach my sales volume each month, which I do, then it’s absolutely fine, the car is paid for, and it’s all good. Now you may think to yourself “Does that add a bit of pressure?” People have said that, but the thing is, the program actually works fantastically, because the points actually spill over into the next month. So that means if I have a fantastic month and make a lot of sales, those points will spill over into the next month if there are more than was required. Basically, if you look at it as in you need a certain amount of points each month, if you make more than that, they simply spill over and go for the next month. There isn’t much pressure at all, really.

The way I’ve got it, the car is paid off for at least two years in advance now because I’ve got so many points. So it is an excellent program.

In terms of why Mobe does this, and why Matt Lloyd introduced this program (which is fantastic), he did this because there’s a lot of reasons for himself and for Mobe to have done this. It obviously shows Mobe as a fantastic program because it looks after it’s partners. It also gives an incentive to carry on making sales, so everyone wins here.

As I’ve explained to you, it’s very transparent, it’s similar to a company car program, and it’s an incredible thing because you’re going out there to generate sales anyway, to make lots of money, so you may as well get a free car out of it.

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