Episode 33: 3 MLM Success Tips To Get Results

MLM-Success-Tips-Image-Post-1In today’s video, I give some Success Tips for MLM marketers.

As I explain in the video, the expectations when starting and MLM home business are sometimes off, and it can be intimidating. I’ll have you three tips that will help you be successful.

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Video Transcription

In this episode, I’m going to give you three MLM success tips that can really help you actually succeed in network marketing, home business, top tier, anything. It’s a well known fact that 97% of people fail in this industry, so I’ve come up with three tips for you to write down and think about and to take action on.

Most people fail in everything in life, it’s not just with home business, MLM, whatever. Within anything, professional sports, learning a hobby, the majority will fail, so you need to know MLM success tips to succeed.

That’s what I have always done – taken advice from those who are successful, and that’s how I’ve lead the way, and it’s how I recommend you do it as well.
On that note, I’ve got 3 specific network marketing success tips for you on how to be successful in MLM or Top Tier.

Tip 1: Think Long Term.

This may sound completely obvious to you, but the amount of people I see who get started with a business opportunity and then leave within a week, it’s crazy. I had someone join my opportunity recently, and I think he quit on the very first day that he got started. He clearly wasn’t very serious, and I asked him why after he quit and he said “It’s not what I expected.” He was getting plenty of support, he literally quit hours after joining without going through any of the training or anything. It’s just how some people do it, and I’ve got sympathy for them – I don’t want that to be you. Think long term, this is a proper business. You need to give it enough time. Definitely don’t quit within the first few weeks, unless there is a very good reason to. Unless you figure out that there is something that is a better fit for you, but don’t quit just because you’re chasing a shiny object. That’s why a lot of people fail, they jump from opportunity to opportunity. Never do that, otherwise you won’t succeed in MLM.

MLM-Success-Tips-Image-Post-2Tip 2: Learn How To Generate Leads Online.

Some people will be watching this thinking “that’s very obvious,” but a lot of people are doing the belly to belly thing, they’re hassling family and friends, or they’re out there dropping fliers or cards. The point is, nowadays, everything is really online. You need to find a way of leveraging the internet. That’s what the internet gives you, leverage. Things like going around dropping fliers doesn’t give you any leverage. As soon as you stop working, they stop working. The effectiveness has also gone down in the last few years. You have to get online.

As you know, I use a system and training platform to get the skills to market online, to do things like this like videos and other marketing strategies, and if you want that as well, go to NickPrattTv.com/leads to get the very same training that I use, which I recommend.

Tip 3: Enjoy The Work.

Just enjoy the work. The reason I say this is I see tons of people getting started with my own opportunity and other people’s opportunities and they go into it thinking everything is just one big scary task. They think that it’s going to be hard work, that it’s going to be really stressful. The point is, it’s not a really stressful industry, there’s only a few skills you need to learn, and it’s maybe even less stressful when you market online because you’re sitting at your computer pressing a few buttons. You’re putting the work in and generating leads, but then following up with them on Facebook or email, even on the phone if you want to. It’s a lot less stressful.

So just enjoy the work, as you can see I perfectly enjoy the work, doing little videos like this, it’s not stressful at all. Some people have got really stressful jobs in this world, and this is not one of them.

I always enjoy the work, and that’s how I’m able to keep on going for years. Definitely enjoy it.


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