Episode 34 – Home Business Productivity: Having A Good Working Environment (Driving With Nick Pratt)

Home Business ProductivityIn today’s videHome Business Productivityo, I explain the benefits to getting out of your home office space in order to boost your productivity.

As I explain in the video, sometimes a change in environment can really give you a boost with your home business.

Enjoy the video.

Home Business Productivity

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Video Transcription

Welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. This is actually Driving With Nick Pratt, a new segment I’ve got going. In this episode, I’m going to talk about the importance of having a good working environment, and I’m also going to explain where I actually work, I would out of an office and I’ll explain about that in this video.

Home Business ProductivityLet’s talk about the importance of having a good working environment, and I’ll do this by explaining what my work environment is. It’s a Friday afternoon at the moment, and I’m headed back from my own office that I work out of. I basically have my own office in Nottingham City Centre, where I live, and I’m headed home now. Because it’s Friday afternoon, I’m likely going to hit a bit of traffic, and it’s going to cost me time, and time is money. However, that is made up for the fact that I have my own office, and what that does is it puts you into a great work mode. What I always say to people is “If you can afford it and you are serious about building, have your own office. If you can’t afford it, being able to get out of your normal home environment can be very beneficial.”

This could be going to your local coffee shop, it could be going to a public library. It’s about finding a way of getting out of the house occasionally so you can maximize your productivity.

The problem with working from home is there’s lots of distractions, and they could be from family, kids, even silly things like doing the dishes. It really helps to just get out of your environment every once in a while to help your productivity.

That’s what I’m doing. I’m probably going to hit a bit of traffic, I can see the roads are getting quite busy, it’s still worth going in to the office, it absolutely is. It’s getting out of my own environment. Sometimes I like to work from a coffee shop. I really keep things varied and it’s what I recommend for you as well.

If you can afford it, try and have your own office, or at least get out of the house occasionally, get out to your local coffee shop you can work out of with good Wifi, and it makes absolutely all the difference.

Changing your environment can do wonders for your productivity.


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