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In today’s video, I give some advice for beginning your journey with online video marketing. I have a lot of questions about getting started with video marketing and how to get started with it.

As I explain in the video, you have to consider content, length and equipment.

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

4 video marketing tipsIn this episode of Driving with Nick Pratt I’m going to give you 4 specific online video marketing tips. I do a lot of video marketing, and I’ve had a lot of people ask me about it, so stay tuned for some video marketing secrets.

I’ve done quite a lot of videos in the past two years. These videos have been lead generation videos, training videos for my team and value based videos.

Please have asked me particularly recently for some tips for things like that. I have 4 specific tips for you guys if you’re interested in getting video out there, even videos like this where you’re driving around, which is definitely productive because it kills two birds with one stone.

Tip 1: Decide what kind of video it will be

Is it going to be a lead generation video where you’re just going after a specific key word? Is it going to just be some flat network marketing tips with a call to action to get some leads? Now, I’ve done that and they work great. Or, easy video, is it going to be a value based video like this one is? Or will it be a training video for your team or students? These are things you have to decide before you start, because that influences the next step.

Tip 2: Lay out your video

I mean lay out specifically some kind of frame work. So basically, every video is going to have some kind of intro where you say what you’re going to teach during that video. Then, you’re going to teach may three or four tips, like I am doing. People love that, because there is a structure and people are more likely to click an engage with the video when they see something clear like four tips to do something. This works with everything – it could be four tips to lose weight, , four tips for healthy living, anything like that.

Try to lay out your video into a few bullet points and decide what those points will be. Then I improvise. I just decide what the tips will be and talk from there.

4 video marketing tipsTip 3: Keep your video short

Keeping it short means keeping your video somewhere around the five-minute mark, maybe up to eight minutes, but not over ten or twenty minutes. The reason is I say this is because people have a very short attention span on the internet. It’s fair enough if you’ve got some kind of course with a long video or a training video for your team. People actually know you in that situation.

However, if it’s people who are just clicking through from an email, your video wants to be quite concise because people haven’t really got all day to consume the training. You want to do more with less. You’ll notice most of my videos fall into the five-minute to eight-minute market. I’m practicing what I preach. Quick, short videos, and lots of them.

Tip 4: Just do it.

Like the Nike slogan goes, just do it. The point is, when I started doing videos a couple years ago, all I had was my iPhone, and all I have now is my iPhone. This is being shot on an iPhone, they do amazing videos. In fact, a lot of video marketers say to use an iPhone because they create videos. I still don’t have great equipment. I’ve added a microphone plugged into the phone at the moment to get good audio, but I did hundreds of videos before I even got an external microphone.

So just go out there and do it. Get them done. You’ll get better as you go along in the process. You just need to start doing it.

This is filmed just using one of those wind screen mounts on my iPhone and a plug-in Microphone, but you don’t even need the microphone when you’re starting.

Hopefully, this has motivated you to get started with your video marketing campaigns. It really is the best way to connect with your followers, prospects and leads. There is nothing quite like it.

If you’re online, you have to use video. You have to build that relationship and trust with the people you’re hoping to work with.

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