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MLM Sponsoring SecretsIn today’s video, I give advice for sponsoring MLM leads.

As I explain in the video, there is an obvious right and wrong way to go about this.

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

Welcome to another episode of Driving with Nick Pratt. Today is another one of Nick’s rants, to be honest, but I am going to give you 3 MLM sponsoring secrets and I’m also going to tell you some of the terrible ways some people have tried to pitch to me recently.

Recently, people I know and even people I don’t know have tried to pitch to me, and it’s just been all wrong. I am going to explain about that in this video.

I want to talk about the MLM sponsoring tips to start. First of all, these things should not be secrets, they’re just like common sense and when you hear them, you’ll understand why.

Tip 1: Ask Questions Before Pitching

First, you have to assess if there is a need for what business opportunity or product you’re selling. A guy that I know basically sent me a message last night on Facebook. I think he had just come back from a company event and he was all hyped up because they had changed the compensation plan. He immediately said “Listen Nick, you’re the kind of guy who is an action taker, my company is doing fantastic things, it’s going to be absolutely incredible, how about getting involved?”

It didn’t really offend me, but it was unsolicited like I told him, and you won’t get good results like that, because he hadn’t asked any questions. He hadn’t even made any small talk. He hadn’t assessed whether there was a need.

There’s the say that people love to buy, but they hate to be sold to. The point is, he just came out with an unsolicited pitch. What would have been a better thing to do was if he was chatting with a prospect, talk to them about what they are doing at the moment, and assess whether there is a need. If they’re struggling with money, as most people are, there may well be a need. Just don’t come straight out with it like he did. It’s just not the way to do it.

Tip 2: Go After The Right People

You’ve probably heard the phrase “don’t sell meat to a vegetarian.” I was chatting to a guy on Facebook last night, it was actually a guy who added me who needed some help with online home business lead generation. It was him and a friend of his, and I was giving them some advice. When I checked back in with him, he said “To be honest Nick, it sounds good, but it sounds like you generate leads from social networks.” I replied “Yeah, because 90% of the traffic online is from social networks. I generate traffic from Google, YouTube, Facebook and places like that where 90% of the traffic is.”

MLM Sponsoring SecretsHe asked if it was a crazy thing to do, creating traffic from social media and online. I replied that those leads convert very well, where as if you go pitching to your friends and family and they’re not interested in your business opportunity, do you really think those leads will convert better?

This is the thing – what I do is I go after people who actually want a business opportunity. I do proper marketing, and that’s what I recommend you do if you want to sponsor well. Go after the right people. Be targeted. Don’t just go after everyone.

Generating leads from Google is an amazing thing because people actually are searching for things – it’s unbelievably targeted and the leads convert like crazy.

Tip 3: Be Patient.

A lot of people, including my friend from last night, are in a real rush to seal the deal. The way I get fantastic results is that I am really patient, to a degree. When I talk to someone for the first time, I am not expecting to sign them up for anything. We will probably chat for a week, sometimes more, and then they may want to move forward. Maybe they will want to do something else or a different product. The point is, I am patient. If you’re impatient you’re going to come across as a desperate, needy network marketer and home business owner.

Just like in dating, desperation doesn’t get you anywhere. If you’re desperate about what you’re doing, it’s not attractive at all. It’s much more attractive to be laid back and patient, to a degree.

Obviously, if someone says they’re going to join up, I will follow up with them. Be patient, but do follow up. Don’t try and seal the deal on the first communication.

Really put these tips into action, because if you’re not sponsoring people, it’s probably your approach. I see so many people do this.

Another quick point to add. A woman sent me a really long pitch the other day with a similar sort of thing. It must have been about 2000 words hyping about her company. I’ve never even met her before. Just don’t do that sort of thing guys.


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