Episode 42 – What Are The Best Home Business Leads To Get? – Driving With Nick Pratt

In today’s video, I give some advice for find the right kind of home business leads, and converting them.

As I explain in the video, it’s best avoid asking friends and family to sign up, and instead target your marketing to “opportunity seekers.”

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

Welcome to another episode of driving with Nick Pratt. This is a very important topic – what are the best kinds of home business leads to get? Obviously you need leads to build your business, but what are the specific types of people that are the best to go after?

what are the right kind of home business leadsThe reason I am doing this episodes is because I was chatting with a guy yesterday about this, a gentleman I am helping build his primary business opportunity, and I was talking about the attraction marketing strategy I and other leaders follow, which is the MLM attraction marketing process which is to do online marketing, not just prospecting, but marketing. Attracting the right kinds of people.

Specifically, doing the kind of marketing to attract people who are already in a business opportunity or who have been in one in the past – opportunity seekers.

The reason to do this is because they’re already sold on the concept of network marketing, affiliate marketing, top tier, whatever it will be.

It’s much more targeted, and they convert a lot better. They also tend to stick around a lot longer, they get better results because they are business builders.

What most home business opportunities, network marketing opportunities, tell people to do is go and recruit their friends and family. This has got quite a few problems. One is it’s quite awkward to do because you’re risking your relationship with them. But the biggest problem is that they’re not really interested in building a home business. They’re probably happy with their job, and you’re persuading them to get involved. Now, if they’re already entrepreneurial, they’re thinking along that mind set, it’s a different story, and they could make good business people. But for the most part, if they haven’t shown an interest in building a business, if they do join, they’re going to have buyers remorse, or quit early, and they’re not really business builders. They’re also not sold on the idea of home business, network marketing or top tier. They aren’t high quality people to attract.

The best kinds of leads to get are people who are already in a business opportunity or have been in one in the past.

home-business-leads-image-post-2You might be thinking “If they’re already in a business opportunity and they’re happy, how am I going to persuade them to join mine? Surely it will be difficult.”

You’re kind of right about that. What you do is you don’t lead with the opportunity. If you lead with the opportunity it raises resistance. You leads with training and how-to information to build trust and build that relationship. You need to be an authority in what you’re doing and you need to lead with valuable training. People are not normally looking to join a business opportunity but they are always looking for how-to information.

The other think you have to remember is that because 97-98% of people are struggling with their opportunity, they’re normally looking to move on. So when they are looking to move on, who are they looking to join in the next opportunity? It’s going to be the person that has built up the that trust and rapport.

This is the stragety I use to sponsor 30+ people per month. I have never gone to my family market or friends or things like that. I have always done marketing to get people who are already in home business. It’s an amazing process, and it’s the same process lots of leaders use.

This is the kind of thing to do. You may be thinking “How do I do this? How do I start marketing to attract these people?”

What I will say it go to NickPratt.tv/Leads, that’s an attraction marketing system that teaches how to target opportunity seekers. It’s not a business opportunity by the way, but it teaches things like how to attract the right kind of home business leads and also how to convert them over the long term. Not necessarily trying to sign them up right away, but building up like and trust.

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