Episode 43 – What Is The True Meaning Of Marketing?

In today’s video, talk about the true meaning of marketing, and how it applies to your home business.

As I explain in the video, marketing is different than sales.

Enjoy the video.

If you are really into marketing strategies, I suggest checking out this video I did a few weeks ago on Social Media Marketing.

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Video Transcription

What Is The Meaning Of MarketingWelcome to another episode of Driving With Nick Pratt. Today, I want to discuss what the true meaning of marketing is. What is actually is, and how powerful it is in business and in life in general.

Let’s talk about marketing, what it is, and how it’s different from sales. First of all, I won’t give an exact definition of marketing. It’s something along the lines of it’s the activity that you make that bring you customers. Really, marketing to me, and anyone who is a network marketer, affiliate marketer, home based business owner, it’s about lead generation.

If you want to learn more about marketing, check out this article from Investopedia.

It all starts with generating lead. That’s not the only component, because you can generate a lot of leads but then make no money. You’ve got to convert those leads, and that’s where the sales part comes into it.

Marketing is bringing people in through the front door, a lead that has raised their hand for more information, and then after it you have sales, which is converting those leads. A lead is just a lead, it’s a cold lead, it’s not an absolutely guaranteed customer by any means.

I’ve got a number of different videos and blog posts about how to convert leads as well, so I recommend checking this video for more information.

What Is The Meaning Of MarketingMarketing is all about lead generation, putting yourself out there and getting exposure. It could be through content marketing. It could be through social media marketing. It really could be anything, but it’s about getting exposure and then getting people to raise their hand.

After they have stepped forward and become a lead, you can focus on talking to them more about what you want, and then if it’s appropriate, then close a sale – selling a product or signing them up into your business opportunity depending on what they want.

Marketing is very powerful, sales is obviously important. One of the great things about my business opportunity is it’s a top tier opportunity, and we have our own phone team that sells for us on the back end. What’s fantastic about this is that we get to focus on traffic generation and marketing a lot more because our leads are being looked after by the phone team.

I can’t even say how incredible this is. I used to, about a year and a half ago, spend all day on the phone doing phone sales. It’s unbelievably time consuming, stressful, and lead you to burn out with your home business. I am very grateful the phone team that sells on my behalf. It’s very powerful. If you’re interested in checking that out, go to www.nickpratt.tv/system for more information on how it works.

Obviously, do I still do some sales myself? Absolutely, a little bit. But I don’t need to do half as much as I used to, and I don’t have to sell the high ticket stuff because the phone team has that handled. I absolutely recommend checking that out.

However, there are some people who like to do their own sales, and if that’s you, then carry on with that.

Marketing is all about bringing people through the front door to raise their hands, and once people have done that, you’ve basically isolated who you can talk to. Once they have raised their hands, you go around individually to convert them.

This can be through the form of an email list, ultimately marketing is about generating leads and bringing people in front of your sales funnel.

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