Episode 45 – 5 Easy Tips To Generate More Blog Traffic

In today’s video, I give 5 specific tips for generating more traffic on your blog.

As I explain in the video, it’s best to ignite people’s curiosity with headlines, as well as sticking to topical content.

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Video Transcription

Welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode, I am going to give you 5 specific tips for generating blog traffic. I’ll give lots of different tips, and I am sure you’ll get plenty of value from it.

This is something I have been asked about a lot from my students who have ventured into blogging. They’ve been looking at their Google Analytics and all their stats data and seeing hardly any people are visiting their blog. This is why I want to share with you some things that I have learned from other bloggers, and also from some experience from having various blogs over the years.

I have give specific tips that you can implement going forward.

generate trafficTip 1: Choose exciting headlines for your posts

This is really important, because I see a lot of headlines out there that just don’t catch people’s attention. They’ll just say something like “Social Media Tips,” without providing any sort of hook. What’s really important is that you have exciting headlines that capture people’s imagination. Something like “5 tips to get more followers on Twitter,” or “3 Secrets to generating more leads,” or even “8 Conversion hacks.” Things like that actually hook people in. What you’ve got to understand is that you’re competing for people’s attention on the results pages. Even if you’re ranked quite high, you still have to get the click-through rates up.

Meta descriptions and headlines are really important. Put some copywriting flair into them.

Tip 2: Write about actual topics

What I mean by this is that you absolutely need to write about what is in your niche. I see a lot of bloggers that venture into talking about friends, or they went to see a movie or something like that. This is great and it shows you’re a real person, but the problem with that is that it’s not really bringing in the traffic for your niche. It’s kind of going off topic and if you do that too much, then your blog isn’t really focused at all. You have to be writing about specific topics.

Let’s say you’re in the niche of franchising, talk about different franchise opportunities, different investment levels and things like that.

Tip 3: Think about who you’re targeting

What is your blog actually about? The content of your blog needs to reflect that. You need to have an idea of your customer avatar in your mind. This will allow you to construct some kind of content calendar over time for attracting those kinds of people. You really need to map out who your customer avatar is for your blog.

generate trafficTip 4: Encourage people to share your content

This is really a very simple one, but it’s also important. I’m actually going to recommend that you visit Ana Hoffman’s post at Traffic Generation Cafe where she’s got more information about getting people to share your posts. It’s super important to have your share buttons visible and prominent, but also give a call to action to people. Say something like “If you know someone that could benefit from this, share it around, tweet it, share it on Google+ and Facebook.” Be sure to include the call to action, because you have to tell people to do stuff – you have to say “share this if you like it.” If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Encourage social sharing.

Tip 5: Write about cutting edge news in your industry

I’ll give an example of this. I recently ranked fourth out of over 10,000 affiliates on one of my other website, and this was because as soon as I found out about the launch of the product, I went out there and produced content ahead of time so that as soon as people would hear about it, they would search and find my content. It’s very, very powerful if you can write about cutting edge stuff, and get there first to get ranked.

I hope you got value from that guys. A lot of these tips have come from Ana Hoffman, Traffic Generation Cafe, and I highly recommend you check out her website.

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