Episode 47 – MLM Prospecting Tips – How To Build Trust With Prospects?

In today’s video, I give three specific tips for getting MLM Prospects to know, like, and trust you so you can convert those leads.

As I explain in the video, it’s best to be genuine, respectful and authoritative.

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

Welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode, I want to talk about how to earn the know, like and trust with your prospects, leads and potential customers so that they join your business, whether it’s an opportunity affiliate marketing program or buying products from your business. This is very important.

Tips for building trustThis video has been inspired by a lady I was chatting to yesterday. I was giving her some advice for how she can sponsor people into a business opportunity and thing like that. I was talking about earning to know, like and trust so that people join you in your business, which is absolutely crucial, but she didn’t really seem to get it. She seemed to think people could join her without actually knowing who she was, which I just find crazy. Maybe we crossed wires, but eventually I think she understood that for people to join in your opportunity and to buy your products, they do have to know, like and trust you. Especially if it’s a business opportunity – people will not join unless they know, like and trust you. This is where lots of people go wrong – they just try and pitch right away before they have earned any trust, and obviously it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t convert.

I am going to give you three specific tips to earn the know, like and trust of your prospects and leads that you’re talking to.

Tip 1: Respect their situation

Every single day, I talk to people who aren’t really looking for an opportunity that is a fit with me and my business. It might be that they already have a business, they might like the opportunity they are involved in and they need to focus on that. What I do is I respect their situation. I say “Well, you’ve got your opportunity over here that you should really focus on because you’re passionate about that. Why don’t we help you market that? Why don’t I teach you how to market yourself?”

What a lot of marketers do, they don’t respect their situation. What they do is they find out someone else is in a separate business, then will spend all this energy explaining why their opportunity is better, better products, better compensation plan, and all those things. What they do is knock the other person down, which is not a good way to be. It raises resistance and it’s going no respect for the other person’s situation.

Tips for building trustTip 2: Be authentic

All this basically means is talking to people like a real human being. I see lots of people on social media who will add me to Facebook, and then straight away they will just paste 5 paragraphs which they’ve gotten from their upline or theirs marketing stuff. It’s obviously not them, and they’re not being authentic. What you’ve got to do is build the know, like, and trust, but then you’ve got to be real. You’ve got to ask people what they are looking for, what they are currently doing, and just talk to them like a real human being. If you’re acting like a corporate drone, they’re not going to know, like or trust you.

Tip 3: Don’t pander

I get some people who start talking to me and they’ll ask several questions, and it’s fine having a few questions, but don’t pander to an endless stream of questions. The point is that you can answer a few questions, but it’s not like they’ve made a move, and now you have to dance to their tune. You’ve got to be assertive, and stand up and say “You’re either interested in this, or your not, but get off the fence.” When you say that, people usually respond by saying “wow, this is someone who obviously doesn’t need me for their business, but they want me on board.” This sort of places you, in their opinion, on a much higher level. You’re being assertive, you’re standing up for yourself and you’re not pandering to them. People respect that. They see you have a back bone.

If you follow these three tips, you’ll be able to develop the know, like and trust you need to be successful with your MLM sponsoring.

I do have another post about chatting with other people about your opportunity using Facebook prospecting, which you can check out here.

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