Episode 52 – Internet Business Opportunities – What They Are And Why You Need One!

In today’s video, I talk about what makes an online business superior to traditional offline marketing business opportunities.

As I explain in the video, online opportunities don’t require inventory, and they don’t rely on marketing to friends and families.

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In the video, I mention content marketing strategies. I did a video on this, which you can check out here.

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Video Transcription

Online Business OpportunityWelcome to another episode of Driving with Nick Pratt. In this episode, I’m going to explain all about online business opportunity, or what you could also call internet business opportunities, how they are different from offline business opportunities and multi-level marketing opportunities, and really what I recommend these days for making proper money with a home business.

First of all, I want to explain why I am making this video. I get people every day who say “Nick, you give out all this training stuff on generating leads and internet marketing, but do you actually have a business opportunity? And if so, what exactly does it do, what company is it, and what do you actually sell?”

I get asked this all the time so it makes sense to give me leverage by making a video about it to really give my answer so I don’t always have to repeat myself.

I am a top income earner with an online business opportunity. What do I mean by that? Because nowadays, every business opportunity has a website. For example, Amway has a website, HerbLife has a website, so you could say they are online. However, they have offline tangible products.

What I mean by an online business opportunity is that with my online business opportunity we sell digital training products. These are things like video training courses, these are coaching programs delivered online and offline, eBooks, webinar courses and all sorts of things like that. That’s why we call it an online business opportunity.
I’ll explain one of the big advantages of an online business opportunity. First of all, you don’t have to keep inventory. A lot of people have complained to me over the years that they’ve been in something like Amway, and they just had lots of unused stock in their basement. It’s very tough because they have to pay an autoship, they have to pay for stock, some of which remains unsold. There’s some decent running costs involved with an offline business opportunity.

With my business opportunity, I’ll tell you some of the key things that make it superior to an offline business opportunity.

Online Business OpportunityFirst of all, we do not endorse or recommend tactics where it’s essentially offline tactics of bugging your friends and family and really trying to get them involved in your opportunity. One of the old sayings from the network marketing industry is “if they can fog a mirror, they are prospects.” Meaning anyone with a pulse is a prospect. We don’t teach that in my business opportunity. We teach targeting people that are already sold on the idea of home business or internet marketing.

I think this is superior because what it basically means is you’re not forced to capitalize on or leverage the relationships you have with your friends and family. A lot of people really don’t like doing that, trying to pressure their friends and family into joining them in the business venture. We teach online advertising methods. I’m talking about things like Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising and content marketing. (You can check out my past video on content marketing here).

What I love about this is nowadays you want to be a part of something that is modern and cutting-edge. Unfortunately, a lot of the network marketing companies out there, like Amway – no disrespect to Amway, it’s a huge billion dollar corporation – but you are told to use traditional tactics that people do not like. People procrastinate over doing them, and they simply don’t work as well as they used to.

People ask things like “what do you sell?” We sell all sorts of things, we’ve got over 100 products in our library. What our specific products do is they cover a multitude of billion-dollar niches. Small business, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, brick and mortar business. We cover these kinds of niches, and we deal in the business training niche. The business training niche has a lot of buyers.

It’s definitely something that I love doing, I’m a top income earner. And on top of this we have a number of other amazing things, like we have our own phone team that sells to our leads on our behalf, so we don’t have to do the selling. It’s quite remarkable what we have, and it’s unique to the industry.

If you’re interest to know more, please feel free to NickPratt.tv/system for more information. I don’t want to pitch that to you now, but you can always go to that link and watch a video of me explaining it.

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