Episode 53 – MLM Burnout – 3 Tips To Avoid It

In today’s video, I give three tips for avoiding MLM Burnout.

As I explain in the video, if you’re thinking of quitting, so are your competitors – but with these three tips, you’ll avoid feeling drained with your home business opportunity.

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

Welcome to another episode of Driving with Nick Pratt. In this episode I am going to be talking about a phrase called “MLM Burnout,” or “Home Business Burnout.” It’s the case of burning out with your business when you’ve just had enough. I am going to give you three specific tips on how to avoid burning out with your home business.

3 MLM tips for avoiding BurnoutThere’s this phrase in the industry known as MLM Burnout or Home Business Burnout, or just burning out in business generally. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or a brick and mortar business. In any business, there is always that danger of burning out and then people quit.

I see this all the time, pretty much every single day I see people in the industry that are finding it tough and they’re ready to just throw in the towel. They’re burnt out with it all and they may be doing it part time, they may be doing it full time, but the point is they’ve just had enough. With any kind of business, there are always people who are thinking of quitting. Remember that if you’re thinking of quitting, so are your competitors.

This is where you can get a great advantage, so pay close attention to these three tips.

Tip 1: Pace Yourself

This is really, really important. When I say Pace Yourself, I mean that you need to view your business as a marathon. It’s a business that you don’t hang about on, obviously you want to get the most efficient results possible, however in each day you shouldn’t be putting a lot of pressure on yourself to get tons done. Every single day I don’t really do that much in all honesty. I do these videos nearly every day, but I don’t generally spend that many hours of work each day.

For example, I won’t do 8 hours at work, I’ll do 2 or 3 hours of work, 4 hours or something like that. I see lots of new team members and other people I talk to in my company, and on the first two days they just want to blitz everything, they just want to fully set up the business and be getting results and sales right away. It does not work like that at all. You have to pace yourself in business.

You can’t just have your business fully set up and optimized in the first 2 days. It doesn’t work like that. And if you put that kind of pressure on yourself, you’re probably going to burn out pretty early. You’ll be very disappointed.

3 MLM tips for avoiding BurnoutOne final thought on this point, I was reading Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki, and he mentions this as well. What he’s noticed is that successful people aren’t the people who try and do everything in one day – it’s the people that do a little bit every single day and they’re consistent for many years. That’s how I have always been – I’ve never put pressure on myself to achieve a whole bunch in one day, I’ve just paced myself.

Tip 2: Go Back To Your Vision

Go back to your vision of where you actually see yourself with your business, and where do you really see it long term? If you’ve just got a vision for the next few months and you just want to make a quick buck, ask yourself this question; “What successful businesses have ever been around with that kind of short term vision?”

If you look around at successful businesses around you, they’ve all had long term visions. People who just want to make a quick buck aren’t usually successful because there isn’t any vision.

What I say is just write down on a piece of paper what you really want for your business, who you want to serve, and state your intention to be in it for the long term. That’s what’s important. You’ve got to have a long term vision.

Tip 3: Look After Your Health

What this basically means is to eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and work out. I remember a quote from Richard Branson who was asked what the most important thing in business is. He replied “exercise.” I completely understand this – healthy body, healthy mind.

I personally work out a lot, I eat healthy foods. I have a lot of coffee, but I also drink green tea.

It’s important, because you want to look after yourself. If you’re going to have an unhealthy lifestyle, you won’t get a good night sleep, and it will catch up with you. Then your body will burn out. You really have to look after your health.

I hope you’ve gained a lot from these three tips on avoiding Burnout. I see people every day, and they’re just one step away from quitting. If you follow these tips and take it seriously and really think about these things, then your chance of success is a lot higher. You won’t be quitting, and you won’t be burning out.

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