Episode 54 – Home Business Tips – Do You Need To Be Technical To Succeed?

In today’s video, I give a small rant about the technically skills you need to succeed in home business.

As I explain in the video, you probably don’t need to be as technical as you think you do!

Enjoy the video.

Recently I discussed what the best home businesses to start are, so if you’re thinking about starting with a new opportunity, check the video out here.

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Video Transcription

Do You Need to be Technical For Home BusinessWelcome to another episode of Driving With Nick Pratt. In this episode I am going to answer a question which I get on a near-daily basis, which is “Can you succeed with online business if you don’t have any technical skills?”

I want to really talk about this point, and this will kind of be one of “Nick’s Rants.” A lot of people get started in home business, MLM, affiliate marketing, top tier, and I have people who join my team and they say stuff like “I’m terrible with computers,” or “I’m not very technical,” and things like that. They ask “Can I really succeed with this?”

This is the response that I give, which is I’m not technical either, and pretty much all the top earner out there don’t know how to write a line of code 95% of the time.

The truth is, you don’t need to be technically minded to succeed in this business. First of all, the tools that we have available today are far better than they were 5 – 10 years ago. If success was dependent on your being a programmer or technically minded, then all the top earners in the industry would be programmers and techies, and it’s simply not the case. If you look at all the top earners, they’re not techies at all.

So what do we do?

There are two specific things that we do.

The first thing is we use the done-for-you tools that solve the technical problems.

The second thing we do is if there absolutely is a technical problem, you can find someone on Fiverr.com where you can get stuff done for $5, or PeoplePerHour.com or UpWork.com. You don’t need that a lot of the time.

So let’s talk about done for you tools. Go to NickPratt.tv/LeadPages. I talk to people all the time about my business, and I say to them that my business runs off lead pages, and it absolutely does.

Home Business TechnicalLead Page is a tool where you can set up an incredible looking landing page, sales page, webinar registration. These can be set up in literally 5 minutes. It’s really as simple as clicking on the page and editing the text as though you were editing a word document, then you click publish. These are pages that convert very, very well. You do not have to be technical in this industry. I use Lead Pages.

If I want to put a sales page up, I can do it in 10 minutes, and it’s already maximized for conversions and things like that, the colors look great. You just don’t need to be technical like you once did.

Maybe 5 – 10 years ago when you didn’t have tools like Lead Pages, yeah, you’d need to be technical. But these days, it’s so easy.

I have people who are using Lead Pages and they are still complaining, even when it’s incredibly easy to set up a landing page they start saying “Well, how do I do this with Lead Pages?” It may take you 10-15 minutes to learn how to use it. But isn’t it worth it, to put the power in your hands where you can just do your own sales page within a few minutes? It’s an unbelievable tool.

If you need that kind of thing and you’re not technical like me, go to NickPratt.tv/LeadPages. It’s the #1 thing I recommend.

If everything was taken away from me, and I could just keep one thing, it would be Lead Pages, because it gives you the capability to have tons of pages out there.

I’m sure if you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you’ve gone on to one of my pages and you can tell it’s a Lead Page because it says Lead Pages in the URL. I use them all the time.

That’s what I recommend for you. Don’t use excuses, just get that kind of tool and there’s no problem anymore. You do not have to be technical in this industry.

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