Episode 56 – New Year Goal Setting – 4 Tips To Plan For 2016

In today’s video, I talk about setting goals for 2016.

As I explain in the video, it’s best to sit down in December and plan for the next year so you can hit the ground running.

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

Setting goals for the new yearWelcome to another episode of Driving With Nick Pratt. With this episode, we are rounding off the year. Christmas is almost here, and I want to give you some tips for planning for 2016 and setting some New Years goals. I have four specific tips for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a brick and mortar business, network marketing, it doesn’t matter what it is, or even if you’re not in a business. Setting goals for the new year is absolutely crucial. I’ve just had an incredible year where I have just absolutely smashed my goals, and it’s because I prepared at the end of last year – I set goals. I even went to a training program to do that.

It may sound like a lot, but the point is, it worked.

I want to give you 4 specific tips for setting goals.

Tip 1: At the end of each year, I recommend blocking out a week where you just work on planning for the next year

This is to really try and get some head space, and write out your goals. Really think about what your goals are going to be. It’s important to schedule time at the end of the year to prepare for the next one.

Tip 2: Make your goals time bound

I’ll give you an example on how to do this. Let’s say you want to reach a specific income goal. This is very relevant if you’re in business. But you really want to set a specific time-bound deadline on that. Let’s say you want to reach $5,000 per month or $10,000 month by April 15th – something really specific. Or you could do it in quarters – by the end of the second quarter or something like that. I think it’s fantastic splitting the year up into quarters – it’s a really organized way of doing it.

Setting goals for the new yearI actually did this with some of my goals, and one of those goals was, with one of the affiliate programs I promote, I set a goal of qualifying for the free car. I set a goal of achieving that by a specific date, and I ended up with a car two months before the deadline. Just by focusing on that date, I was able to really go out and smash that goal.

It’s very powerful to put a deadline on something.

Tip 3: Don’t have too many goals

Less is more. If you have too many goals going on than it’s very unlikely that you’re going to achieve them. Your focus will be split. I recommend having 5 or 6 goals – at least keep it under ten.

Don’t have your goals all spread out – have specific priorities for that year. For this year that’s just passed, I had very specific core priorities. I didn’t have tonnes of goals, but I absolutely went and smashed them.

For example, for the specific affiliate program that I mentioned, one of my goals was to do $100,000 in commissions, but actually managed to reach that in early December. I’m kind of stumbling over the finish line, I added my commissions up and it went just over that $100,000. But as I say, I was able to achieve it by the end of the year.

Tip 4: Have goals that are in different areas of your life

For example, you want to have some goals that are related to your business, you want to have some goals that are related to you social life. It could be stuff like hanging around with your friends more, taking more nights out, and things like that. It could be spending more time with your partner or your loved ones. You could also have goals related to your health.

Personally, I have my goals split into those three categories. Health, Wealth and Social Goals.

By me setting out some clear goals at the end of last year, it has resulted in a very, very successful year this year. It’s really just by following those simple principles.

I highly recommend that you block out a week in December to just write these goals out on paper. You really want to get some head space, and you want to make sure you’re fully prepared for the next year. Then you can just enjoy Christmas, have a fantastic New Year, and you’re ready to jump out of the gate when the next year starts.

If you’re starting the new year and you’re looking for a business model to help you achieve your goals, feel free to go to NickPratt.tv/system. That will give you more information on the program I mentioned before – you may like it as well, so check it out and see if it’s for you.

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