Episode 57 – 3 Tips To Achieve Your New Year Business Goals

3-tips-for-home-business-images-post-1In today’s video, I want to start the year off right with 3 tips for keeping your goals for 2016.

As I explain in the video, there are three things you can do to hold yourself accountable to your goals.

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In the video below, I mention the video I did at the end of 2015, which you can see here.

Hope you get lots of value and also feel free to check it out on YouTube here as well.

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Video Transcription

Welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. We are in the new year of 2016. I want to start this year by giving you some more tips on goal setting. I did a video last year on this, but I have some more tips on goal setting that will help you have your best year ever.

First of all, I did a video in December 2015 about planning for the new year, which you can see here.

This is another video with some similar tips, but more specific tips on what I have been doing in terms of setting my goals over the past two years.

Tip 1: Write Down your Goals Every Single Day

What this means is, if you’ve followed my other training, you’ve set 5 – 10 goals, maybe less than that, but make sure that they are visible on a regular basis. If you’ve got a white board, make sure they are on there. Another really powerful thing you can do is type your goals into something like a Word Document, print that off, fold it up, and constantly carry it around with you so you can look at it when you’re waiting on the train, when you’ve got some down time.

That way you’re always focused on it. Have that close by with you, because it will constantly remind you of what you’re trying to achieve. It’s very powerful.

3-tips-for-home-business-images-post-2Tip 2: Review Your Goals on Sunday

It doesn’t have to be Sunday, but I personally did this every Sunday evening. Just before the week would begin, I would review my goals.

The reason you need to do this is because you’ve got to be holding yourself accountable constantly in order to achieve any goals. If you only review them once every 3 months, you’re not going to have any momentum. You’ve got to, each week, think to yourself “how much closer did I get to my goals this week?”

Just by having it in your subconscious, it will be very powerful. As you go through your week, you’ll be aware that you’re going to be reviewing your goals on Sunday, so you’ll begin to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. Just have a day of the week that you review goals.

Sunday is a good day, because you’re just about to begin the week, and it’s tidy like that. Pick any day, but that’s why I like Sunday evening,

Tip 3: Make Your Goals Realistic

This is huge. I set a goal half way through last year to reach $100,000 in commissions through my business opportunity. I did actually reach that, including payments that are pending. The point is that was very realistic. I reached that goal, and it was a tall order, but it was definitely realistic. I didn’t shoot for $1,000,000, I didn’t shoot for $10,000,000. But last year it was very, very doable. I probably could have reached it a helluva lot quicker. The point is, I achieved it.

I didn’t go for a ridiculous goal for my skill level. I went for a realistic goal.

With your goals, make sure that they are achievable, but make sure they will push you as well.

It could be a goal to improve your golf. If you’re just an average player, you’re not shooting for big tournaments or anything like that. You’re just trying to improve your handicap.

Have exciting, but achievable goals.

If you’re in home business, maybe you want to improve your lead generation. You want to get from 1 lead per day to 10 leads per day by halfway through the year. Very achievable.

Hopefully this helps.

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