Episode 6 – Can Average People Succeed In Home Business?

In today’s video, I discuss whether it’s possible for so called “average” (or typical) people to succeed in a Home Business.

I got the idea for making this video based on a conversation I had yesterday with a lady on Facebook. She was asking specific questions that triggered the idea for this episode.

Average People Succeed in Home Business

This video will probably surprise you quite a bit and it turns into a “mild rant” or lesson.

Enjoy and please share and comment!

Video Transcription

In this episode, I’m going to answer the question “can you succeed in home business if you are typical, or average? Can you get great results?”

I’m going to start this off by giving a bit of a story about why this kind of episode came about,

I was chatting to a woman yesterday on Facebook about her possibly getting involved in my business opportunity. She expressed some interest, and I was giving her information. Specifically, I told her about some fantastic results a team member of mine had recently got her first $4,500 pay day in the first thirty days as a newbie, and that she didn’t actually even have her own laptop 60 days ago.

I told this story and I gave the lady a video to show proof of this as well, and this lady said to me “Thanks for all this fantastic information. Can you tell me average earning for this business opportunity?”

When she asked this question, I was a little bit taken aback because it’s not a normal question I get.

I told her that there are average earnings available, however I don’t think that’s a great question to ask at this point.

I asked if she understood there was a 98% failure rate for business opportunities, and that’s just how it is.

However, your results depends on your actions and your attitude, and just taking action. I framed this by mentioning my team member who didn’t have a laptop, all she had was an iPad, and she got fantastic results. She’s not an expert, she’s not a guru.

But what she has done is gone out there and created her own results.Average People Succeed in Home Business

So I said to this lady, I understand you’re asking about average earnings, but what I would say is that you shouldn’t really be thinking about that at this time.

You should be thinking about how there are some people making money, and can I make money if I put the work in, and if I have the right kind of mentorship.

The right kind of mentorship through myself and my training that has helped create results for my team.

Even though I said this, she was quite stubborn about the average earning side. She even asked me if I knew what average earnings are, and of course I know what average earnings are, and I know about income disclaimers and all that.

The point is if you want to success in this industry, do not aim for the average. Do not aim to be typical. It’s not a good way to think about anything in life.

If you’re starting and exercise program DVD, something like Insanity, you don’t want to look at average results. You want to look at the people who are succeeding, and you want to aim to mimic what those successful people have done, simply pressing play every day and putting the work in.

Yes, the average person will drop out.

I’ve played piano for 15 years, to a very high level. If 100 people decide to learn the piano, probably only one or two of them will actually succeed and make a good go of it.

Never look at the majority. Never try and be average.

Now it is true that certain business opportunities, myself included, can help you get extraordinary results, even if you’re a newbie.

The point is, the newbie on my team probably didn’t go into this think she would be average, because if you go into thing like that, you’re basically counting yourself to fail before you’ve even started.

If you wanted to get to the Olympics, would you say to yourself “I’m just going to do the average amount of work, and train maybe once every two weeks”?

Of course you wouldn’t. It’s not a good way to think.

For whatever thing that you, for whatever business you’re in and whatever you’re trying to achieve, do not go out there to be average.

Go out there and give it your all, work hard until you achieve success, and that is the best way.



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