Episode 60 – Video Marketing Tips – How To Conquer Your Fear Of The Camera?

In today’s video, I give some advice for overcoming your fear of getting in front of the camera for your own video marketing campaigns.

As I explain in the video, all you really have to do is just do it!

Enjoy the video.

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Hope you get lots of value and also feel free to check it out on YouTube here as well.

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Video Transcription

video marketing tipsWelcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode, I’m going to be talking about video marketing, but more specifically, how you can conquer that fear of getting in front of the camera. I’m sure lots of you have had this before, and it’s a common problem I hear from lots of people.

I’ve done other videos in the past about video marketing and how to get started with it. But this one addresses the question “how do I conquer the fear of getting in front of the camera?” Or, just to stop procrastinating about doing it. I talk to a lot of who say they don’t want to get on camera.

Tip 1: Use PowerPoint

This is a very basic tip, but you can use PowerPoint to do a screen share, it doesn’t have to be you in front of the camera like I have in this video.

I do tons of different videos – one with me driving about, ones like this one where I am sitting in my office in front of the camera, and I do PowerPoint. I do all sorts of different ones, because video marketing is just fantastic for your internet marketing, home business. It’s fantastic for everything, but however great it is, people do procrastinate.

PowerPoint is one way – it’s not the cure, but it is one possible solution. If you want to get started without being in front of the camera like I am in this video.

Tip 2: Just Do It

This sounds a little bit basic, but what I mean with that is that with video marketing, you can just turn on the camera and have a go. And if it doesn’t work out, you can just restart it and do it again. After you have restarted it ten or twenty times, trust me, I can say that from experience, you will eventually get the hang of it. It’s is a rehearsed type of thing.

video marketing tipsTip 3: Talk as if you’re talking to one specific person

When I do my videos, I am talking directly to the camera. I am not addressing an audience. You need to talk as if you’re talking to one specific person, because it will make your videos very personal and powerful as well.

These sorts of videos where you’re talking to the camera are obviously beneficial.

I have done hundreds of videos now. Some of them are good, and some of them are not so good. Even the ones that aren’t so good still work. This video, for example, won’t be perfect. The point is, I get it out there for people to see, and it can rank in the search engines. If you are on my mailing list, you may have received this video that way, the point is, just get it done.

Do a video. If it’s not that great, so what. Your first few videos, no one is going to see them anyway. I have videos that are really old where they are not the best, but trust me, they aren’t that bad.

Just practice. After your 10th video, you might start to get good. After your 20th video, you’ll be even better. Just do it and have fun with it.

In the world of home business and online marketing, it’s good to have a variety of things, not just sitting in front of the computer all the time. Do fun stuff and do video to really engage with your audience.

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