Episode 61 – MLM Recruiting Techniques – How To Close More Sales?

Today, I give you 3 tips for closing more sales in your business opportunity.

As I explain in the video, there are three ways you can improve your conversion rates, just by being more aware of what your lead needs.

Enjoy the video.

In the video, I mention a video I did on Having Better Posture, which you can check out here.

Hope you get lots of value and also feel free to check it out on YouTube here as well.

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Video Transcription

Hi guys, Nick Pratt here, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode, I’m going to be giving you three specific tips on how to close more sales, whether you’re closing sales in Networking Marketing, or an affiliate program, or really, any business in general.

So how can you close more sales?

close more mlm salesThis is something a lot of people struggle with. They’re getting out there, and they’re talking about their business, whether it’s some kind of home business, affiliate marketing or just some product, and they get to that point where they have to ask for the sale, and either they don’t do it, they completely drop the ball, or the prospect completely disappears.

I want to give you three specific tips to help you with this.

Tip 1: Ask Better Questions

This is the most important tip of all. I teach my team how to do this, I give them my scripts on what I say when I am talking to people. Essentially, you want to be asking open-ended questions. One of the ones I teach to my team that works really well is to ask “What are you looking to achieve, and what do you want to get out of this, and what stage are you at in their life.”

A lot of times people will say they just want to make more money.

A good question to then ask is “Why do you want to make more money? And if you made more money, what would you do with this?” This is a way to find out if there is something the specifically need it for, like helping family out, it could be an urgent need like paying a hospital bill or paying the rent, there are all sorts of things it could be.

Ask questions where you’re managing the energy – you’re asking questions so you can find out what this person really wants to achieve, because it doesn’t work just to say “You need to buy this.” You need to uncover their needs.

Close more salesTip 2: Have Better Posture

I recently did a video on this (which you can check out here), but what people really don’t do is they don’t come from a place of high authority, and rather appear low in authority. They look quite desperate for the sale, they’re not very assertive, and they’re letting the person they are talking to take over the show.

I am personally very assertive and confident when I talk to people, but not in a bad way. I’ve seen some leaders who take it a little too far, and end up looking cold and arrogant. I keep it to a level that I am being assertive that I want to help, but I am also showing that I care about helping them move forward. Definitely check out my other video to learn more about that.

Tip 3: Keep Following Up

The point is, you may not close a sale the first time you talk to someone, or even the second time. But if you keep following up with them, eventually they’re going to have a few exposures and they’ll make a decision. A lot of people only follow up once or twice. I’ll follow up three, four or more times. Maybe even 8. I keep following up until I’ve decide this isn’t a fit for them, or they’ve given me a proper no.

I don’t really accept people just disappearing, I do keep following up. If you keep following up, your conversion rates will definitely go up.

I hope these quick tips have helped you.

To recap:

1: Ask better questions where you can uncover some sort of pain-point or need

2: Have posture

3: Keep following up

If you follow these tips, your conversions will go up, and so will your sales.

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