Episode 62 – Home Business Tips – Should You Hire A Web Developer?

Today, I want to discuss whether or not you need to hire a Web Developer.

My answer might surprise you, so watch the video to find out.

Enjoy the video.

If you’re into website development and blogging, check out this post I did on whether or not you really need to blog.

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Video Transcription

Do you need a web developerHi guys, Nick Pratt here, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode, I am going to discuss a question I get a lot, which is should you hire a web designer, a “techie” to build you a website and do all those things.

You might be surprised at my answer on this one.

Recently, I saw another marketer that I follow do a training on this, so I thought I would follow suit and give my own opinion on it.

So, should you hire a web developer to do your website?

The answer I am going to give you guys is the same answer I give to a lot of people I talk to.

The answer is, in most cases no, you shouldn’t.

Let me explain why that is.

Something I want you to understand is that I have been in this game for just over 5 years, I’ve been in business for over 5, and home business and internet marketing for 3 years.

Websites have changed enormously over the past 5-10 years.

Ten years about, it used to be that the only people who could create sites were techies. They would use software where they could plug the code in (the software is called Dream Weaver, but that’s not really important).

Do you need a web developerThey would deal with HTML, and back then it was a techie’s game. You would get a website developer to build your site and do all the coding, and that’s pretty much how it went.

Back then, you had to have a web developer.

These days, it’s just not like that, it’s point-and-click simple. I tell people this all the time, and they say that it isn’t, but it absolutely is.

We have something called WordPress, which is what’s known as a content-management system.

With WordPress, it allows you to have themes, which you can buy for about $50. What this means is you can get a theme on your website, and it looks incredible. It looks absolutely amazing. It looks like you’ve spent thousands on it.

WordPress is also very well coded.

If it’s on WordPress, the search engines love WordPress.

Why do the search engines like WordPress? Because WordPress, which originally started 10 years ago, was a blogging platform. Nowadays, big corporations use WordPress. I think something like 1/3 of all websites are run on WordPress.

It’s a very powerful, FREE tool.

You can update your website very easily, you simply have a dashboard where you can click new posts when you want a new blog post. This website you are looking at right now is a WordPress theme, and it’s on WordPress. It looks pretty good, but most importantly, it’s very easy to update. A non-techie can update it.

Understand that these days you don’t need a website developer.

In some extreme cases, you may need to get one, let’s say you’re doing some kind of eCommerce site or a portal.

But if you’re starting a blog and you want it to look great, do some research into WordPress Themes.

What I am going to suggest, if you want more information on this, I have a free training series where I should people how to set up a WordPress website, and I also talk about the premium themes that I personally use.

You can click here to check that out.

In that training series, I talk about how to make a WordPress site, but I also talk about how to get good SEO without a techie, and how to get it up in as little as 15 minutes.

It’s so much easier these days – it really, really is.

That is my simple answer is to go down that route. You don’t have to be a techie these days. You can have a website up in 15 minutes if you want to.

I am not a techie, and I am 6-figure earner.

Hopefully that gives you some confidence.

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