Episode 63 – Why You Must Have High Ticket Products To Sell?

In today’s video, I want to talk about the most effective way to make money at home – which is having multiple income streams with products at different price points.

As I explain in the video, it’s really the only way to make good money with your networking marketing business.

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

Why Multiple Products are important in MLMHi guys, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV, and in this episode I am going to talk about the importance of having higher value products and services that you can offer people, in addition to kind of low value things. I am going to explain how this can tie into your MLM, top tier or affiliate marketing program. I want you to understand how important this is your business – and it applies to everybody.

Now, first of all, I want to explain exactly what I mean by “higher value products.” What I mean is, when you sell something whether its online or offline, if it’s just something that you’re gaining $30 or $50 on, even $150, it’s just not really enough unless you’re selling something like t-shirts where you’re selling many many thousands of them. Yes, that makes sense. For a lot of businesses, it’s just not enough, You’ve got to have higher value products in what is known as a sale funnel.

What I mean is that I sell product in my affiliate program that pay commissions of up to $10,000 per sale. But I also have products that pay me $10 per sale. Now, you need a mix of them, and that’s what I want to explain to you.

First, I want to give you a bit of a story. I used to work within offline MLM and really traditional MLM. It was actually with a travel opportunity. It was pretty low-ticket. People could joint he business for $200 or $300, it wasn’t a huge starting price point. The thing is with that is that you’re not making much when you sponsor someone, and you end up replying on heavy duty duplication to have any kind of business. The only problem with that is that only 1% of your team will actually duplicate. Building your business is sort of like filling a leaky bucket – that’s why it’s know as that.

Why Multiple Products are important in MLMI want to give you 3 specific tips that I have learned from that experience and that I have put into practice for my business now.

Tip 1: Have A Tiered Product Mix

Also known as having multiple price points, so the following – have products that are $10, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000, then $3000 and so on. This is what I have in my business, and some people just buy the $10 products, some people just buy the $500 products, but we also get a lot of people buying the higher end products, which are additional training and value for people. You absolutely need that in place to do well in this industry.

If you’ve just got an opportunity that is paying you out a small amount of money when you sponsor people, then you’re just relying on duplication, and that’s difficult. If you’re wondering about how I do it, I’ll give you a tip later on in this video.

Tip 2: Have Different Kinds of Income Streams

I’ll give some examples. I have continuity income streams where people pay each month. I have that as part of my program. I have low ticket, mid ticket and high ticket products. I have high ticket commissions come in along with the low, and I have monthly commissions coming in. You’ve got to have all of them. I see a lot of people who have “monthly” commissions come in, but they don’t have the high-ticket commissions coming in. It makes your business really tough – trust me. Ask me how I know.

Tip 3: Have a System for Generating Sales at these Different Price Points

With myself, I have lots of systems in place where these price points and these sales are being made. I have people on the phone who call back my leads within my specific system, we also have seminars where we are selling high-ticket. We have a phone team that is selling high-ticket, and there is an amazing amount of leverage with that. You can’t have all of those products yourself. You have to have some kind of system in place that is doing it for you.

On that point, I do have a system in place, and it’s called the HTAM System, or HTAM Marketing method. Basically, this is what I have been doing for the past few years. This is what generates the 6-figure income.

We are at quite a special time, because a book has put on sale called Limitless, which you can get here and you can actually learn more about putting this into place for yourself by getting this book.

Now this book, you can actually get it for free at the moment, which is pretty unbelievable. You do have to cover postage and packaging, but you can get it delivered to your door. It’s from my mentor who taught me all these strategies as part of HTAM – which stands for High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. You can actually learn this for free at the moment.

This isn’t a scarcity thing, but it’s not always going to be free. We’re just doing this as a launch offer. It won’t be free forever. What I recommend is to put this in place for yourself and to learn how to do this, go to NickPratt.tv/Limitless and grab this free book while you still can, and delve into this world into having a tiered product mix, having different revenue streams and different price points. Honestly, you won’t look back once you do this. Business will be a lot easier.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this. Grab the free book, get it shipped to your door, and hopefully you’ve found this useful.

Also, reach out to me on Facebook. I’ll see you on the next episode!

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