Episode 67 – MLM Video Marketing Tips – Do You Need To Use Professional Video?

In today’s video, I talk about whether or not you need to hire a professional to shoot video for you.

As I explain in the video, there are some times when you should – but a lot of times, amateur video will do!

Enjoy the video.

I mention a video I recently did about getting started with video marketing – check it out here.

Hope you get lots of value and also feel free to check it out on YouTube here as well.

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Video Transcription

Hi guys, this is Nick Pratt, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode, I am going to be answering the question do you need professional level video production to get good results? Can you do amateur videos instead?

MLM-Video-Marketing-Image-Post-1This is just a quick video to answer the question of whether you need professional level videos, or is amateur videos will do.

First of all, I want to point out that this is a fairly amateur video. All I have done is taken my iPhone, put it on a tripod, and put it on my desk. Obviously, I am using a non-professional level video.

However, the reason I am doing this video is because this week I am getting together with my videographer, and we are going to spend 2 days together shooting professional level videos of me driving, walking around the city where I live which is Nottingham. I will also be shooting some video in the countryside.

That will all be professional level video. He’s going to be adding music, doing some fancy video editing stuff that I don’t know how to do. The point is, this guy has been to film school and he absolutely knows what he is doing.

The thing I really want to answer is do you really need that level of video?

To be honest, it’s nice to have – it’s the icing on the cake. It’s a good thing to do once you get to a higher level and you can afford it, but you absolutely shouldn’t start there.

This shouldn’t happen on day one.

You should start by doing videos like this one. It’s not super professional, just me doing a spontaneous video.
But you’re answering a question, you send this out to your mailing list if you’ve got one, or you can put it on YouTube to build a mailing list. Now I’ve got some other tips on video marketing, so check it out here.

MLM-Video-Marketing-Image-Post-2The point is, a lot of testing has been done.

On YouTube specifically, the quality of the video doesn’t have a massive impact on conversions. It’s more about the content.

Professional level video is very good for branding, it’s nice to have, and it’s fun to shoot. We’re going to have a lot of fun, but it’s not essential, and it’s not how I recommend you start out.

I recommend you start out, get your iPhone because they do amazing quality videos. Anything newer than the 4S is great. And just get started with video.

It doesn’t have to be great quality, but it does have to teach something.

Just think about the kind of things you’ve learned, and shoot a video to teach about it.

This is not a professional video by any stretch, but it is content. It’s just a video, and it has impact. I am just answering a question.

Hopefully, you’ve benefitted from this. If you want more tips on making amateur videos, reach out to me on Facebook.

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