Episode 69 – What Should You Not Do In Business

In today’s video, I talk about a few things you should not do in home business.

As I explain in the video,it’s best to keep a “Do Not” list near your work space.

Enjoy the video.

If you are thinking about getting started with a home business, check out this video I did on the one tip I give to people thinking about starting a business.

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Video Transcription

Home-Business-Image-post-1What Not To Do In Home BusinessHi guys, it’s Nick Pratt here, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode, I am going to be talking about having a “to not” list – that may sound weird, but I am going to be explaining what I mean by it, and I hope you’ll get a lot of value from it.

This episode is a bit of a special episode, I am actually coming to you from Brisbane, Australia, I’m actually en route to Fiji, and I know I have mentioned this to you in one of my emails if you’re on my mailing list. It’s a very special occasion in Fiji, because I am going to a company event of mine and I am receiving a lot of recognition on stage. I am receiving what is known as the “6-Figure Club Ring,” which I can wear, and it’s obviously a great honour to be a 6-Figure earner. There is also going to be tons of value at the event, so I am really excited about it.

One other thing I mentioned in the email I sent, I am in this fantastic suite in Brisbane, and I did some footage earlier showing a bit of this luxury loft apartment suite that I’ve got.


Tour of Room:

Here is the room, and it’s actually kind of dark. You can see, the light switches are quite fancy, it’s very nice.

Through the window, you can see rush hour in Brisbane, and it’s a nice view. You can see here there are actually 2 levels. It’s got a nice big TV here, really classy decorations. In here we’ve got coffee, tea and a mini bar. This is great.

This is known as the luxury modern loft suite. Some really nice designs, and it’s really classy.

Really comfortable bed. I guess it’s a good job I am showing you this just after it’s been cleaned.

So you can see here, I can look down to the first floor. Again, another really big screen TV.

And also, the bathroom with fancy sinks, the walk in shower, and what I really like is that the light can flood in from the main space. And then there is subtle lighting as well.

I am really happy with this place, apparently this is the best one they do and it was given as an upgrade. It’s a great place and I’ve enjoyed looking around Brisbane as well. I really want to come back – it’s a really cool, chilled out city.

Hope you enjoyed that quick tour.


What Not To Do In Home BusinessI’ve really enjoyed being in Brisbane, it’s a cool city with really friendly people.

On to the training.

I want to talk about having a “To Not” list.

What exactly do I mean by that?

It’s an idea that I got a few years ago from an expert that I was following.

He was saying a lot of people have a “To Do” list, things to do. But how about having things to not do, or avoid?

What I mean by this is having a list on your wall with things like “I will not check Facebook at these times, I will not listen to negative people, I will not get distracted by this, I will not do this.”

To be productive, it’s not just about things that you do, it’s also about things that you don’t do.

You need to make a decision to not do specific things, not checking Facebook and email all the time, not constantly checking your affiliate or opportunity stats to see if you’ve made a sale.

You need to cut out a lot of things to allow you to be productive.

That’s what I recommend to you.

Really simple training today for you guys. Have a “To Not” list and try and think of things you shouldn’t be doing.

You shouldn’t be doing the dishes during the day when you should be working.

Think of things you should not be doing during the day that are taking time away from your business.

Have this in addition to having a To Do list.

I’ll be honest. I don’t really follow this method anymore, because I have been practicing productivity for so long I am sort of on auto-pilot now, and I have already phased out a lot of the unproductive stuff.

I am thinking of bring it back out to make myself even more productive.

Hopefully, you found this useful, and you if you know someone who could benefit from it, maybe someone on your team, share this around with them.


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