Episode 72 – How To Make More Sales In MLM Or Anything!

In today’s video, I discuss how to get the right kind of energy surrounding you to make sales.

As I explain in the video, in order to understand how to make sales, you have to have the mind of a buyer.

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In the video, I mention having the right kind of energy about sales – and if you want to do more reading on that, you can check it out here. 

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Video Transcription

Make-more-sales-mlm-image-post-2How to make more sales in MLMHi guys, it’s Nick Pratt, welcome to another Episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode I want to talk about why some people can’t sell, and how it’s all to do with energy. It’s a bit of an interesting episode!

This is a topic that I have been talking a lot about recently, and I even gave some training on stage. So, why can’t some people make sales? And it’s really just one specific factor that you have to understand.

The reason some people can’t make sales is because they don’t like to buy anything.

Recently, I have had a few people who have taken a recommendation of mine, got started with an attraction marketing platform that I recommend, and this is a $9 trial to start. There are some people who don’t even want to spend this amount of money. They kind of wonder to themselves why they are struggling to make money.

It’s all to do with energy. What I learned from following a lot of leaders and looking at a lot of top earners, you’ll notice that all of them have invested in themselves, me included.

I don’t buy absolutely everything under the sun. I do buy stuff. For example, my videographer that I work with actually lives in California. He recently contacted me on Skype and said he was going to be in the UK soon, and did I want to get together to make some videos for a couple of days.

I immediately saw the opportunity in this of getting some new videos done, and how this could help my business and how it can help me make sales a build my brand.

But a lot of people would just look at the cost and ask “Can I really afford this?” The point is you have to look at things differently. You have to be a buyer if you want to attract other buyers.

How to make more sales in MLMIf you’re in MLM, Direct Sales, Top Tier or Affiliate Marketing, and you’re wondering why people aren’t buying from you. Ask yourself this: How much do you spend on things?

There was a woman I spoke to yesterday, she purchased something from me, which was a $9 product, and she quit 20 minutes later. She wonders why she isn’t making any money in life. There’s your reason.

Is someone going to become a top earner if they buy a $9 product, or a $9 trial for something, and then quit 20 minutes later? She just gave up. People like that don’t become top earners.

For you to become a top earner, you need to become a buyer. Not necessarily everything, but you need to see the value of being a buyer and investing in yourself. All top earners, including myself, we invest in training, coaching, we hire people. This is how you get results.

It’s not a competition on who can spend the least money. You need to invest in yourself, and all top earners do that.

What I am going to say to you is don’t buy everything if you don’t need it. But if you see the value in it, just jump on board with it.

That could end up making you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. Even a single idea like that can make you tens of thousands of dollars.

If you want to sell more, obviously there is a lot of things like how you talk to people, but the point is, the energy. For you to attract buyers, you need to have a buyers mindset. You’ll do a lot better at selling if you are a buyer. People who don’t like to buy stuff aren’t very good sales people.

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