Episode 73 – Lead Magnet Ideas – How Can A Free Offer Make You Money?

In today’s video, I talk about Lead Magnets.

In the video, I explain what they are, and why you need one.

Enjoy the video.

In the video, I mention some free training I also give, which you can find here.

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Video Transcription

Lead Magnet IdeasWelcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode, I am going to answer a question, or really explain, how giving something away for free like a video tutorial or an Ebook or webinar or cheat sheet can actually make you money. You’re giving something away for free, so how does that make you money in the long run?

This is a question I’ve been asked a lot recently.

Recently, I got an email from someone who said to me “Nick, how do you make money when you give away your Ebook for free?” (Which is called the Lead Generation Blueprint.)

First of all, full transparency, when you give something away for free, you’re obviously still trying to make money in the long run. You’re not running a charity.

When you give something away for free, it’s known as a lead magnet. Essentially, my Ebook does generate me leads. I do give it away for free, but there are some reasons I do that.

The first reason is obviously to generate leads. The reason it does do that is that it’s leading with content and value. My Ebook, Lead Generation Blueprint, people can grab it for free. The point is, that’s how you get leads. You get leads by creating an offer. My Ebook is an offer.

Think to yourself if you’ve got an offer of your own. If you haven’t, then stick around because I have some training on that.

The second reason I use a lead magnet is that it shows you as an authority. I am an authority as a home business coach, an internet marketer, and on building your business opportunity using the internet.

Lead Magnet IdeasThose main two reasons are really it – to get more leads, and to show yourself as an authority.

How do you actually make money from that then?

The way you make money from that is that in today’s society, pretty much al businesses lead with a free offer. It’s quite normal to do that.

If you look at businesses all around you, they give free samples. Free is a great way to lead.

Later down the line, once you have used the free offer to build the know, like and trust, some of your leads will then want to work with you.

Now, some of you watching this video are going to think this is really obvious.

Someone did ask me this though, so it’s important to state it, and it’s important to know.

Sometimes, it’s just important to have a reminder.

When you give away something for free, it shows you as an authority, it provides value, and it builds the know, like and trust. We all know that people only buy from others that they know, like and trust.

If you lead with a free offer, you demonstrate your authority and you build that know, like and trust. There’s a high chance that a lot of your leads are going to want to do business with you.

For me, some people want help building their business opportunity online. And some want to work with me in my business opportunity. Both paths are completely fine with me, but the point is it all starts with me giving valuable content.

Now this video is actually also kind of a lead magnet. It’s free content that attracts people to me, it attracts traffic, and some people will look around at my site, get my free Ebook or add me to Facebook, but I’ve already started building the know, like and trust.

It’s important for you to get this in place for your business.

If you haven’t got this in place for yourself, and you want to know how to do all this stuff, you can go here and I have some training on this attraction marketing process.

All the leaders do this. This is how you build online – you lead with a free offer, and then later down the line you can eventually start putting in paid offers with your opportunity.

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