Episode 74 – Home Based Business Tips – How To Avoid Complacency In Home Business?

In today’s video, I give some tips on avoiding complacency in your home based business.

As I explain in the video, becoming complacent happens to even the top leaders in the industry.

Enjoy the video.

If you want to know more about outsourcing, you can check out this video I did recently on the 80/20 principal.

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Video Transcription

Avoid-Complacency-Image-Post-1avoiding complacency in your home businessHi guys, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this episode, I am going to be talking about how to avoid complacency in your home business. Doesn’t matter if you’re in MLM, Direct Sales, Top Tier, Affiliate marketing, any kind of small business. This will absolutely help you.

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I am going to be talking about how to avoid complacency. The reason I am doing this video is what I see a lot from my own business opportunity and other business opportunities is that people very rarely keep up being successful.

Even top earners, some of them get amazing results within an opportunity, but then you look at them a year later and they’re not on the leader boards anymore, they’re maybe not even in that opportunity anymore. People seem to just drop off the radar, and this isn’t just anybody – these are top earners, gurus, they do fantastic in the industry and then they appear to fall off the face of the planet.

The people I really respect are the people who get successful with an opportunity and they keep compounding that again and again. That’s really what I am doing at the moment, and it’s what I’ve been doing for quite some time. Other people seem to just chase the shiny object.

This is how you avoid complacency in your business.

You need to be aware of the competition.

Avoid-Complacency-Image-Post-2Avoid-Complacency-Image-Post-2avoiding complacency in your home businessThere are always going to be competitors in your industry, there will be other opportunities that are always trying to steal people away from your team. There will always be competition. You’ve got to make sure you’re aware of that competition and that you build on it.

Here is an example: I email my list 5-7 times per week. You see some people who will email their list really consistently for a month or two, and then they will just completely stop. You have to wonder to yourself why that is. It’s because even though it gets them results, it’s because they get distracted, or they get lazy. When that happens, the competition catches up with them. Someone like me would catch up with them, because I am very consistent and I don’t get complacent.

The other thing to remember is that I see people in my own opportunity, lets say from a year or two ago, and they’ve had fantastic results, and they’ve made $20,000-$30,000. And then it goes to their head, and then they stop doing the actions that got them to that level. They just stop like there is a ceiling. They haven’t got a long term visions, and they stop doing the things that make them successful.

So what I want to say to you is that if you’re getting results, or even if you’re not getting results yet, but if you are getting results, just remember the actions that got you to those results, and that you have to repeat those actions again and again.

You may think that’s absolutely obviously, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who come and go in this industry. It’s almost like they burn out. Don’t burn out, find a system that keeps you going.

One of the ways to do that is to outsource. I did a video on outsourcing which you can see here. There are so many people in this industry that become successful but then they drop completely off the radar, or they’ll exit the industry and disappear. They all of a sudden think that this isn’t working where is in actual fact, they are the ones that stopped working. It had nothing to do with the system.

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