Episode 79 – Outsourcing Tips: How To Build A Team

In today’s video, I give some tips for building your own team using outsourcing.

As I explain in the video, there are a lot of tasks you can outsource, but there are some essential ones you should keep!

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

outsourcing-tips-image-post-1How to build an outsourcing teamHi guys, it’s Nick Pratt with Nick Pratt TV. We’ve got yet another video of my friend Tiffany here at Wollaton Park and we’ve got another training video for you.

Tiffany has an awesome question she wants to ask me. Like I mentioned in the other videos, Tiffany is all the way from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Go for it Tiffany.

Tiffany: Thanks Nick. My question is what is the best way to build a team where you can outsource most of your work to others?

Thanks a lot Tiffany, that’s an awesome question. I know me and you have chatted a lot about how great outsourcing is and how powerful it is. I know you have people who you outsource too as well.

Basically, the number one thing is just start doing it and to outsource the right tasks and keep the right tasks.

I’m going to really start from scratch. I’ve read a lot of books on outsourcing and the number one thing to do is remember the first things to outsource should be things like household. Things like having a cleaner possibly, or having people come do gardening jobs.

The next level is admin. Within your business, there are tasks that aren’t related to marketing or sales. The next thing to outsource after taking care of household tasks are those admin and accounting tasks.

Just to jump ahead a little bit, the last thing you should outsource, or rather, the tasks you should do yourself according to the books I’ve read, should be things like paid traffic campaigns. You should be tracking your results for the advertising that you’re doing.

I would recommend that if you start outsourcing, I would not necessarily outsource your Facebook ad campaigns because the point it, your job if you’re in business with sales and marketing, and you should really learn how to become good at stuff like paper click and direct response marketing, because that is very highly paid skill.

How to build an outsourcing teamHowever, things like cleaning, spreadsheets for your business, those are repetitive tasks that are not money making tasks.

Those are some of the basics of what you should outsource and what you should keep.

In terms of where you should go, UpWork.com is actually a great place to start. For anyone watching this, you go to somewhere like UpWork.com, and you just put a job posting up for something. It could be that you put a posting up for a virtual assistant, something like that, and what happens is within an hour or two, you’ve got 30-50 applicants.

My own process for doing this is I simply say to the ones who are qualified “can we have an interview on Skype?” Now, this is actually very powerful because what you’re doing is sorting the good ones from the bad ones.

Some will be too lazy to have an interview on Skype. You don’t want these kinds of people working for you. If they aren’t willing to follow simple instructions like that, then they might not be a good candidate. Basically, you’re holding a job interview.

The next thing, and I have learned this from various people, is to set them an assignment. Set them a difficult assignment where they have to follow specific directions you’ve given out.

If it’s someone to write articles, you would give them that kind of task to do, and review them based on that assignment and try it out with a few different people and see who produces the best result.

Other than that, one thing I would recommend for you is to basically always think to yourself every week “What processes can I automate? What can I get rid of that is taking up my time?”

You also need to remember to keep some of the work for yourself, because there may be tasks you like doing, and you don’t necessarily want someone controlling Facebook campaigns. That’s a very valuable skill set, and if you get better at that, it serves you better.

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