Episode 8 – Focus On These Money Making Activities

Money-Making-Activities-Post-Image-1In the latest episode I explain the core income producing (money making) activities that you need to focus on each day to grow your business. I also explain how outsourcing the smaller tasks can give you more freedom to do the income producing activities.

In the video, I also mentioned “emaling your list” as well as the recent training video I covered on this topic. You can find that post here.

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Video Transcription

In this episode I will be focusing on the key money making activities you need to be focusing on every day. What are the things you really need to be doing, and what type of things should you be avoiding, in order to grow your business in the best way.

This is something I get asked a lot – what are the key things to focus on? A lot of people hear this thing about focusing on the money making activities rather than the time wasting activities, like admin or messing around on Facebook.

I want to talk about the key money making activities that I tend to focus on each day.

I’ll also talk about how I outsource the things that don’t make me money. They still get done because they need to get done, but I don’t focus on them, I don’t let them waste my time.

First of all, one thing that you’ve got to understand is that your time is a very valuable asset. We all have the same amount of time each week, each month, each year. A huge decision that you’ll have to make with your network marketing business or affiliate marketing business is how you use your time.

Money Making ActivitiesThat’s why this topic is very important for you.

I think the number one thing is prioritizing the number one money making activities each day.

The things you should do first are the things that make you money.

I’m going to tell you about the things that I do, no matter what.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Creating Content. This can be shooting a video, creating a blog post, or posting on Facebook that can bring people to you and create exposure of your message so people know who you are. This is obviously important because if you create a blog post or video, it stays out there, it collects you leads over time, and it gives you leverage. It’s the kind of thing if you can get into the routine of doing this every day, and really putting value out there, they will see that content today, tomorrow and down the line. It really gives you leverage.
  2. Connecting with Leads and Prospects. You can do this on Facebook, on the phone, but you need to schedule time to connect with them one on one. This doesn’t mean sending an email to a list. It means you’re actually talking to people, getting to know them. If you’re in network marketing it could be a list of prospects or subscribers. You really need to connect with them to find out how you can best serve them. The reason you need to do this is because you’re income will be directly proportional to the amount of people you talk to. If you just keep connecting with people and just keep talking to people, your income will grow dramatically.
  3. Providing Team Training. This is very important. It doesn’t mean you’re creating new training for your team every day, but if you just connect with new team members, make sure everything is okay, provide support. You can run different Facebook groups and connect that way. But I’m always there to answer questions and to help team member, especially new team members so they can get moving. It’s up to you to help them get started.
  4. Emailing Your List. You should email your list every day. This doesn’t mean that you’re pitching every day. I’d aim for 80% value, and 20% selling. If you want more information on email marketing, see the video I did on that.

I’ve talked about some of the things I am doing, and now I want to talk about things you shouldn’t be doing. These are the things that I outsource now.

  1. Accounting. You shouldn’t be doing your own accounting or your books. I have an accountant.
  2. Admin. I hire virtual assistants that I can use. Offload those types of tasks as much as you can. It doesn’t really serve you to be doing things, because it stops you from doing money making activities, like creating content, reaching out to people, emailing your list.

Outsourcing those two tasks are important. They still need to get done, but they aren’t the activities that make you money.

That’s all for today, I hope you got a lot from them! Be sure to focus on these four things every day, and your business will be stronger every day!

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