Episode 80 – How To Generate Your First Leads In MLM (Home Business)?

In today’s video, I give some advice for generating your first leads in your MLM or network marketing business.

As I explain in the video, there are three things to keep in mind when you get started!

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In the video I mention being consistent – and to avoid complacency. I did a video on this recently which you can check out here.

Hope you get lots of value and also feel free to check it out on YouTube here as well.

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Video Transcription

how-to-generate-leads-image-post-1How to generate your first leads in home businessHi guys, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. This episode is quite a simple one really. I want to explain how to get your first leads coming in easily.

This is obviously something people really want to know about.

I talk to people all the time and I am telling them the importance of lead generation, and I think they really realize that anyway. But they always ask “How exactly do you get this started? How do you get leads to start to come in?”

And I mean proper leads, not just going out to your friends and family and trying to recruit them to your MLM, Top Tier or affiliate marketing program.

I want to give you three simple tips to simplify things for you.

Tip 1: Decide What Kind Of Leads You Want

It all comes from this, because when I get to Tip 2, it relies on knowing what kind of leads you want. So, who is your target market? It could be you’re in the weight loss niche and you’re using those keywords, it could you’re going after people in real estate. It could be anything. The point is, you have to have some kind of idea what kind of leads you want.

Here’s a tip – go after a market with money, and also, a market where people are proven to actually spend money within that market. There are some markets where they don’t necessarily spend a lot of money on things. Go after a market where you know they are open to spending some money. Obviously with the real estate market, it’s potentially lucrative.

How to generate your first leads in home businessTip 2: Start Creating Content Around Keywords Related To The Target Market

Let’s say you’re going after affiliate marketers, for example. We would start creating content around tips for affiliate marketers, how to make money with affiliate marketing, all sorts of things like that. If you are going after another market, you just base those keywords off that specific market – how to make money in real estate, if you’re going after weight loss, then weight loss tips.

The point is, start creating content.

On the short term, you shouldn’t really rely on that content to build your business. You should have other methods as well, what I call prospecting. You should be out prospecting, but you should also be creating content to generate leads, and that content will be in the form of free content which are things like blog posts and video, alongside paid content which is advertising.

Tip 3: Be Very, Very Consistent

People may start with Step 2, and then after a few weeks they stop doing step 2, and then their lead supply runs out – or it never gets going.

If you’ve followed my advice in step 2, you would create content. The way to stay consistent with that is to have a content calendar. So say to yourself I am going to produce X amount of videos per week, and that’s going to happen every single week, which will produce X amount of videos per month, and then per year, and you’ve got a proper content machine that will generate you passive lead flow.

If you want something more in-depth go to nickpratt.tv/leads where I’ve got a much deeper dive into this to get it going. If you want to take this further and you want to see the big process, then check that link out.

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