Episode 88 – How To Focus On Building Your Home Business

In today’s video, I give three specific tips for staying productive in your MLM business.

As I explain in the video, there are just so many distractions these days, and you need to avoid them in order to be successful.

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

Avoid distractions in Home BusinessAvoid distractions in Home BusinessHi guys, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV, and in this episode I am going to give you three specific tips for focusing and concentrating on the work the toys do for your home business amongst this busy, distracted world that we live in. Read on, as I am sure you will gain value from this.

The point is, we live in a time where there is more distraction than ever. We live in an very noisy time, there are tons of distractions on social media. What I see around me, people on my own team, my own company, and within other businesses in the industry, there are a lot of people where they’re doing something, and they instantly get distracted by something else, and then another thing, and there’s not actually many people who really can focus and get stuff done in terms of their business.

So these three specific tips are ones I have learned from reading a lot of books about this recently.

Tip 1: Short Bursts of Focused Work

What I mean by this is there’s a productivity technique, called the Pomodoro technique, and it refers to working for 45 minutes bursts, and then a time goes off, and then you have a short rest, and then you do another 45 minute burst.

You could do that, but what I personally do is I work on a task for about 25 minutes, which makes it even easier, and then I take a break, and move on to another 25 minutes.

If you really focus on that specific task for those 25 minutes, you can get so much done. It’s amazing. try doing short bursts of a task, and that should really help.

Avoid distractions in Home BusinessTip 2: Try to do a lot less in a day

I’ve been  victim of, in the past, filling up my list each day with tons of different projects. It’s better if you put less on your list. Lets say you’ve got one project, and you just spend your whole day working on it, then it’s done, and the next day you can move on to another project.

However, if you try and cram in 5 different things that you’re trying to get off the ground, it’s very unlikely that any of them will get done because you’re constantly switching your attention.

Multi-tasking just doesn’t work because your focus is split. Try to have less in one day, but make sure it actually gets done.

Tip 3: Go into airplane mode

This is one of my favourites, and one I do often. A lot of smart phones including the iPhone have an airplane mode where wifi is disabled, and even the cellular is disabled.

Recently, what I have been doing is when I begin one of my short 25 minutes bursts, I put my phone into airplane mode, and all of a sudden, no one can contact me, no one can call and text, or message on Skype of WhatsApp, and no one can get me on Facebook. I just get so much done.

I have tons of people reaching out to me on a daily basis, I have people reaching out to me on Facebook, I have people on WhatsApp, and especially on Skype. When you’re working, make it physically impossible for those messages to get through, and then they won’t distract you.

What tends to happen is someone will message me, and I just have to read it, and then the distraction has stopped me from moving forward.

So, again, Short bursts of focused work, try to do less in a day, and go into airplane mode.

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