Episode 91 – Why You Need A Long Term Mindset In Home Business?

In today’s video, I talk about why it’s so important to have a long term mindset in your home business.

As I explain in the video, a lot of people expect results in the first 3-6 months, but that just not realistic.

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

long term strategy for home businessHi guys, welcome to another episode of Driving with Nick Pratt. This episode is going to be a bit of a motivational one, because I am going to be talking about setting the correct mindset and expectations for yourself when you’re getting started with this industry. I really want to talk about how most people have it completely wrong regarding this.

This is a very important episode because it’s a topic that everyone seems to talk about with things like never quitting and just to keep going with your business through the tough times. I really want to paint a bit of a different picture for it.

I talk to absolutely tons of people in the industry. I talk to people in other businesses, in my own opportunity, and one common thing I have noticed is that the terms people talk in, a lot of the items people are very fired up but they use phrases such as “This has to work in the next 3 months for me.” They put a lot of pressure on themselves. One of the reasons I have been successful is I think because I never really talked in these terms. I never set a deadline on achieving success, and a lot of people who have done really well and been successful have never put an enforced deadline.

They never started with a business and said “I’ll give this a go for a few months, and if it doesn’t work then I am out.” It’s just not the way to do it.

I am not saying you shouldn’t put some kind of goal in place and targets, because that will keep you on your toes.

long term strategy for home businessOne thing you have to ask yourself with your business is “let’s say I don’t meet this particular goal in the first 6 months? What is my contingency plan?”

Most people don’t think about this at all, they like to pretend that everything is just going to go fantastic and there will never be any problems.

If you study a lot of personal development regarding goal setting, we’re not always meant to reach our goals. It’s good to set goals, but you don’t succeed with every single one of them.

I meet people all the time in the industry who are saying “I have to make this work by the end of the year.” I totally get that, but the question I have to turn around and ask them is “what if it doesn’t work by the end of the year? What are you going to do then?”

The thing is, obviously you want to go into something thinking it’s going to succeed or knowing it’s going to succeed, but at the same time if it doesn’t work you’ve got to have a plan B, and that plan B should not be to just quit the whole industry.

The other thing I want to emphasize is that in business models outside of home business, proper businesses have a 1 year plan with what they are going to do, and what they are going to do in year 2. They have it completely forecasted over a long period of time. They don’t say “I’m not going to do a business plan, I am just going to go at this for the next 6 months and see how it goes.”

That just does not happen. With businesses that do well, they set it up year by year.

When I first got started in this business, yes, I like most people figured I’d work really hard in the first 6 months and it would blow up. Now that obviously didn’t happen. But I didn’t give up, I just thought “Okay, this is different to what I expected and it’s a different challenge. It’s time to grow up.”

If you’re a grown up and you’re an adult then you accept that something takes longer than 6 months to succeed at it.

That’s why I did – it’s all about how you react to it. I reacted to it by admitting it was harder than what I expected, but I know a helluva lot more than I did 6 months ago.

Bottom line, try to always think in this mature business mindset. I remember one expert that I really respect said “people expect microwave results.” And they really do!

I and most of the people who join business opportunities expect that. The point is, when you don’t get microwave results, say to yourself this is different, this will take a bit longer, and just go from there. You’re a better person than you were 6 months ago.

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