Episode 93 – How To Make The Best Use Of Training Courses?

In today’s video, I talk about how you can get the most out of the training courses you purchase.

As I explain in the video, it’s better to get one course and master it rather than getting several courses.

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

How to get the best use of your trainingHi guys, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In the episode, I want to talk to you about making the best ways of you making use of training programs that you buy, and even books that you buy. What is the best way of getting all this training on board and implementing it without just collecting a bunch of stuff.

So what is the best way you can benefit from training programs and books that you buy?

I really want to give you my wisdom, which has kind of been formed by me buying lots of training programs, reading lots of books, and figuring out how to use that information to help you push forward rather than just getting overwhelmed.

First of all, what am I talking about? I am talking about things like buying a membership website training course, where you go through and you’re learning something like sponsoring or Facebook ads. It could even be a personal development course. Or, I am talking about buying lots of personal development books, similar to The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, The Slight Edge, Think And Grow Rich. Those are just some titles, but there are lots and lots of those.

The point is, it is beneficial to purchase these sorts of things. It’s really beneficial to purchase training programs, and buy books and read them. In fact, I am getting through a lot of books myself at the moment.

The point is, the reason I am successful is I get something, and I really take it seriously in terms of implementing it. I don’t move on to other things quickly. Let me give you an example of this.

About a year and a half ago, I went through a Facebook advertising course. I bought the course, and I just said to myself, I am just going to focus on Facebook ads, and become an absolute ninja at Facebook ads and get really good at it. I put the blinders on for everything else and just focused on Facebook Ads.

How to get the best use of your trainingWhat happened after that was that I started making a helluva lot of money on Facebook ads, I still do Facebook ads now that make me money. The point is, I just focused on it. I didn’t jump on to other courses. My goal was to become a master of that course.

A lot of people do not do this. They buy a course, they says they will implement but within a week or two, they are on to another course, then another course. I see this happen to lots and lots of people. They buy tons of stuff, but all they are doing is leaving stuff on the shelf and never becoming a master of that.

What you really need to do is buy a few things, and just say to yourself that you’ll go through them.

The way this relates to books, and I heard this from someone recently, there’s another online marketing guru that I follow, and he was saying that he will buy a personal development book and will read it over and over again. I find that very interesting because a lot of us, me included, read a book, then move on to the next one. But if you really study it and come back to it and read it again down the road, maybe within the same year, and you keep going over it, that’s the way to achieve mastery. The way to get really good at something is to keep going over it.

I just want to sum one thing up – if you’re buying a bunch of stuff, think to yourself that it’s better to master one of those things, rather than buying ten different courses that you’ll only go through a tiny bit of. You really just have to delve into that course and make it your own.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been through a lot of books lately, and one thing I want to recommend for you is audio books. I have been going through a lot of audio books lately, because the point is with audio books, you’re just listening to them and you can get through a lot. It could be while you’re doing other things or just in your down time. This isn’t an affiliate link or anything like that, but I recommend going to audible.com and getting some audio books, because you can get through a lot more books.

One thing I am doing is going through audio books, and then I end up going back and getting a physical copy, which is basically like a record of the books.

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