Episode 95 – What Should You Say To Your New Lead Or Prospect?

In today’s video, I answer the question “what should you say to a new lead or prospect?”

As I explain in the video, it’s best to start finding out where they came from and why they are reaching out to you first.

Enjoy the video.

In the video I mention some videos I have done on MLM scripts – you can check one out here.

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Video Transcription

What do you say to your leadsHi guys, welcome to another episode of Driving With Nick Pratt. In this video, I want to talk about what you say to a new lead.

Let’s say someone has opted into your sales funnel and you reach out to them or they reach out to you, what do you actually say to get the conversation going?

This is an interesting point for this episode. It’s a question I have been asked frequently. They want to know what exactly I say to people.

I think it was about a year and a half ago, I was chatting with somebody and I talked about the fact that if you’re in this network marketing game, you do actually have to communicate with people. In fact, in most businesses you have to do that.

As soon as I said that, she said “what the hell do I say to people?”

It’s a really good questions, so I want to answer it in this video.

I think the first thing you really want to assess, if someone reaches out to you, first off you want to know where they have come from – how have they find you?

In some cases, you can actually tell where someone has come from based on tracking. It’s obviously valuable to know for your marketing research purposes. You want to know, just out of curiosity and tracking, where people are actually finding you.

If someone reaches out to you, ask how they found you, and also ask what made them opt into receive the free ebook or video or whatever.

You’re finding out just that little bit of information.

What do you say to your leadsI’ve said this many times in other videos, where I’ve talked about different scripts you can use (see one of those videos here), but you want to say something like “What are you hoping to achieve? What are you currently doing?”

By finding out that information, you can figure out the best way of helping them. Are they looking for a new business opportunity? In that case, you can obviously help them by promoting your opportunity.

Do they need some help with their marketing? If they do, then you may be able to help them with something like that.

This is true attraction marketing, just finding out where they are in the cycle, because we are all at different places.

Another question you can ask is if someone is part of a business opportunity, ask how long they have been a part of it? And how is it going for them? What are they struggling with? What is going well and what isn’t going well? You’re trying to find that problem. You’re job is a solution provider, so these are good questions to ask.

You just need to ask people where they currently are, and how long they have been in the industry. This is important to know because the conversation you’ll have with a veteran who has been in the industry for 10+ years will be a different conversation that if the person just got started yesterday.

I think ultimately, you want to find out where people have found you and just to give a tip on this, I get lots and lots of people adding me to Facebook, and most of those requests are legitimate people who are reaching out to me. Some of those requests are fake profiles, as well as other marketers who simply want to pitch their opportunity. You want to really find out where they have come from to assess if you’re going to be having a proper conversation with them or if they are just going to try and pitch you.

One last thing you can ask is what motivated you to reach out to me?

The point is, I say this a lot when I am giving training on stage, if someone has opted in for information online, that was not by accident. There was an actual need there. By you reaching out to people all you’re really doing is following up with a process they started.

They opted in online because they needed help on something. When I’ve opted into stuff online, it’s because I’ve needed help with something.

You’ve got to continue that process and help them.

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