Episode 98 – My Message For Those That Just Want To “Make Money”

In today’s video, I talk about what to say when people say they just want to “make money.”

As I explain in the video, you’ll lose some prospects by giving them the whole truth – but you just have to do it.

Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

People-who-just-want-to-make-money-image-post-1message to people who just want to make moneyHi guys, welcome to another episode of Nick Pratt TV. In this Episode, I want to send a message to those of you who just “want to make more money in the fastest time possible.” You will hear a lot of people who say that, and it’s really just a bit of training and advice for that.

If you’ve been in this industry for 5 minutes, you’ll hear people ask “How fast can this thing make me money?” Or, “I just want to make money, I don’t want to do any hard work.”

I suppose there are two things.

I’ll talk about how to deal with that, and I’ll talk about how that’s completely incorrect.

Let’s start with that second point.

There are people out there who are looking at what top earners are doing, like myself, and they’ll say to themselves “That’s quite a lot of work, isn’t it? You’re doing YouTube videos, you’re going out there and advertising. That’s a lot of work, and really, I just want to make money. I don’t want something that will be time consuming.”

I get this all the time. I get people who before they get started with a program, say “This sounds great, but how difficult will it be? Will I be able to succeed with it after a week?”

The thing is, I never thought like this, or at least, not for very long. When you make money, it doesn’t just arrive because you get involved with the right thing.

message to people who just want to make moneyOne, you have to be involved with the right system, which I’ve obviously got. Two, money is a result. It’s not just something that is handed to you. Money is a result of your habits.

Your habits will be things like producing content, going out and generating traffic, closing sales, emailing your list – these are proper actions that result in money. It’s not something that is just handed to you.

So how do you deal with it if people say it to you?

I think that you have to be honest. You have to tell them it can work for them, if you follow the process and work hard.

You’re going to lose some people, you’ll have some people that didn’t want to hear that. But you’re sticking to your integrity, and you’re acting like a grown up, because that’s what it is. It’s a proper business.

When you get this kind of thing, be honest and tell people that ever business requires hard work.

What I’ve found is that most people, when I do say that, people do say “Of course you’re right, I understand.”

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