Episode 21 – 3 Tips For Social Media Recruiting

In today’s video, I give some advice for social media recruiting. This video is long overdue because I see most people are terrible at this.

As I explain in the video, it’s best to ignite people’s curiosity rather than tricking them into clicking your link. (as if that would ever work!)

social media tipsEnjoy the video.

If you are really into Facebook prospecting and want more tips, you can also see this Facebook prospecting training video I did here recently.

Hope you get lots of value and also feel free to check out on YouTube here as well.

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Video Transcription

In this episode, I am going to give you three tips for recruiting in social media, so if you’re interested in recruiting through social media like Facebook or other social networks, this will be really useful for you.

This topic is long over due, because lately I have been getting pitched from left, right and center by people on social media, and it’s really cringe-worthy because I am seeing people doing everything the wrong way. Leaders do it the right way, most people out there are doing it the wrong way.

There are really three tips, and if you’ve been out there doing it wrong, this will help. If you haven’t been doing it and you want to get started, you’ll know what to avoid.

3-Social-Media-Tips-Image-Post-2Tip 1: Don’t be so obvious

A lot of people will start a private chat with me and start by saying stuff like “Nick, I really love your stuff, your videos, your value, it looks like you’re doing fantastic, you’re on stage at company events,” and those sorts of things. Which is great you love all that, that’s fantastic. But then have a few more filler questions, and then BOOM – Question 4, straight into the link. It’s like they’ve asked you a few questions before to make sure they aren’t pitching you the link straight away, and then they give it to you anyway. And then they sort of disappear. Don’t be so obvious.

If you’re talking to people on social media, don’t be so desperate ad obvious to just get your link to people. Some people are just so desperate to get that click within 5 minutes, and they just want to find a situation where they can do that.

That’s absolutely the wrong approach.

What you have to do is build a relationship with people. You’ve got to assess whether they need or want a business opportunity. Otherwise, they’re not going to join anyway.

Tip 2: Don’t send unsolicited links

Do not send links without permission

I see this all the time, someone will just do a direct message, or on Facebook groups or on their wall, and it’s basically lots of garbage about how great the company is and then a link. This does not work.

I got pitched recently by people in my own opportunity who have met me, and they’ll send an email or a message, and they’ll try and trick me into clicking a link, almost as if as soon as I am clicking a link I’m just going to magically going to fall in love with the opportunity, even though it doesn’t look very good anyway.

Absolutely, this is the wrong approach.

Now, you’re receiving this video, it could be because you’re on my email list, or a lot of the times, I’ll send content out like this and I’ll get a couple of people, not many, who reply just from the link.

Absolute garbage, don’t do this. Even for people that you know, friends and family, you shouldn’t send an unsolicited link either. You should always get their permission and always assess whether they are in need of something.
People aren’t just going to join because you put your link out there. When I receive messages like this, I just disappear and I don’t bother reading it. It’s just highly disrespectful.

Tip 3: Don’t give away the whole picture

Lead with Attraction Marketing. What this means is it’s a bit like reading a book. If someone was reading a book, you wouldn’t tell them this is what happens in the ending. What lots of people will do is they will have the social media profile and cover art, and it’s plastered with their company branding. What happens when people see a business opportunity on someone’s social media profile? What they do is they go to Google, and they research it without even chatting to you.

At this point, because they haven’t got to know you, they’re going to be more inclined to go for the negative point of view, rather than the positive. Where as if you made contact with them, build a relationship with them, it will have a much less negative impact.

Don’t give away the whole story. Look at this as though you’ve give a book or novel to someone, you’re not just going to say to them “Hey, the lead character dies in Chapter 14.” You’re giving the game away. Don’t do that, lead with attraction marketing, don’t have information about your opportunity. Give them that later down the line.


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